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Warning: Pic heavy!!!
I ordered some skincare and make-up from Avon with my mum :) Their shipping was super fast and prices for items are reasonable.


Avon: Eye Makeup Remover Lotion
Similar to my HG Nivea cream eye makeup remover I use; gentler, just as effective, but it was on sale for $2.

Liiv Botanicals: Night Moisturizer
I decided to test out the Liiv botanicals line by Avon because if its ingredients. All products are dye-free, preservative-free, fragrance-free, and suitable for sensitive skin. This cream is not heavy and easily absorbed by your skin. The frost/shimmers does not bother me, since it does not show up on my skin. If you are sensitive to herbal/green fragrance maybe this will not be a line for you... All their products have a light distinct green scent. 

Liiv Botanicals: Revitalizing Face Pearls
From the product description this sounds like a multi-purpose miracle oil?? "Awaken dull skin, evens skin tone, minimize pores, improves skin, firmer skin, softens looks of lines/wrinkles." The oil is dispensed through a roller and you just roll this product where you want improvements in your skin. I am currently only use this on lines under my eyes. If it does perform miracles I will be sure to update/review.

Liiv Botanicals: Eye Cream, SPF 15
Like I have previously mentioned I love products with spf, and eye cream is not an exception. The consistency of the product is quite thick when squeezed out of the tube (probably because of the spf content??), but when applied it does not feel thick and quickly absorbed.The eye cream does not ball up when makeup is applied on top and did not irritate my eyes. So far so good.

Avon: Solutions Plus Maximum Moisture Eye Cream

I wanted a better and more hydrating eye cream for night time this is great for sensitive eyes; hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, dermatological-tested, ophthalmologist-tested - all this just means its suitable for sensitive eyes... -_-... Consistency is like a night cream (on the thicker side), but again absorption is good.

Mark: Light Bright Eye Gel
This is... sort of disappointing in size. Contains VERY little product, even though it is effective. When squeezed out of the tube the gel is a thick consistency, upon application you can feel it depuffying your eyes! Regardless, too little product!!!

Mark: Go-With-The-Grain Exfoliating Beads
I find this product ultra conventional. You don't have to purchase a separate scrub, you just add the exfoliating beads to your normal face wash and TADA you have scrub. I even tried this with Vaseline as a lip scrub - this worked great too.There is not that much product but you really don't need too much. The beads are actually made of rice bran (natural ingredients :D).


Mark: Get Bright Highlighter
This is a tiny portable highlighter. Works well for the under eye area, the only problem I found is that the product dries too quickly then blending becomes impossible and ugly. To make this work you must immediately drop everything in your hands and BLEND!!! (lol... ok so its not that exaggerating). I do think this is workable and easy to use once you get the hang of it.
a) Avon: Smooth Minerals Blush
I purchased this in 2 shades; radiance and blushed rose. Some how blushed rose is a little dark for my skin tone. Colour pigment is good, smooth and easy to apply, similar to most mineral blush out there.

b) Avon: Smooth Minerals Concealer 
Purchased in fair. This is actually the only product I don't know what to do with... =_=;;;;; coverage is ok, but powder makes my skin look dry... I knew that, so now I should ask myself why I made this purchased.

c) Avon: Wash-off Waterproof Mascara
It was a free gift with the order. I am pleased with this mascara, does not clump, no flaking, and separates my lashes. I wanted more volume and this gave me length, but really... free mascara that works. I am not complaining~

d) Ardell: Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator
You can purchase this at some Trade secrets location. I grabbed the last one in my location though :P Highly raved about on MUA, so I decided to see if it will make my lashes longer~ The solution have a plastic-y smell, but does not make your lashes sticky and does not sting your eyes (unlike Mavala). Will review for later.

e) Avon: Precision Glimmer Eyeshadow
Colour in Dune, a light beige with gold sheen. Fast and easy. No complaints.

f) Avon: Blushing Raisins Eyeshadow Quad
Colour 1 is basically skin tone for me, its useless? Colour 2 is a matte light pink, Colour 3 is a lilac shimmer, and Colour 4 is dark purple-brown shimmer. My swatches are hard to see... :( I wish there was more pigmentation for the matte colours, because they don't show up well.

f) Avon: Island Breeze Eyeshadow Quad
I personally find this more useful than Blushing Raisins, and pigmentation is ok (all 4 are shimmer). Colour 1 is a pale pink shimmer, Colour 2 is a baby blue frost, Colour 3 is a pink khaki shimmer, and Colour 4 is an ocean blue shimmer.

g) Ardell: Invisible Demi-Wispies Black & Adhesive for False Lashes
Back in the lash game~ I thought for night outings it would be nice to add false half lashes :) I cut the full strip of lashes in half or 1/3. Upcoming tutorial~

We will be adding lipstick hauls soon. Mei and I are obsessed with lipsticks currently.

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  1. Thanks for introducing the Mark Go-With-The-Grain Exfoliating Beads. I really want to try it out now but some of the reviews said there is a giant hole in the bottle. Not sure what that means but would you be willing to show a picture of how much space it takes up exactly? Thanks in advance if you do.

    This is a great blog. Keep up the good work! ^_^


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