♣ Ai's FOTD: DAY 5 (Lipstick-A-Day)

Yes... its day 5 of the lipstick-a-day... TT_TT I just didn't upload the previous days, which I will do soon (I hope...)

Went out to dinner with friends, so I decided to look decent for once :P
This look is pretty simple; volumous lashes with a bright lip. Enjoy~

(A) MAC: Typographic matte2 shadow
(B) Mark: Get Bright Highligher
(C) Ardell: Invisible Demi-Wispies, black
(D) Shu Uemura Eyeliner: black
(E) MAC: 266 Liner brush
(F) Ardell: Adhesive lash glue
(G) Maybelline: Full N' Soft waterproof mascara, black
      Avon: Wash-off waterproof mascara, black

1) Use (B) to highlight under eye and corner
2) Curl lashes and apply mascara, (G)
- I like to apply my mascara before my liner to avoid smudging my liner
3) Apply (A) shadow with liner brush (E) as eyeliner
- I wet the brush first to use the eyeshadow as a liner, but any type of liner will work just fine
4) Tight-line your upper lash line with (D)
5) Cut (C) into 3 pieces for left and right false lashes, apply lash glue (F) to the cut false lashes, then stick it closest to your lash line
- I actually applied the falsies below my lash line, but you can apply the falsies above your lash line it will still be fine. Its just I found that it looks more natural when falsies are applied below you lash line (maybe I should do another tutorial on how this is done???)
(6) Retouch your tight-line and eyeliner if necessary

The end result should look something like this :D
I am wearing Geo Honey Wings.


(H) Revlon: Super Lustrous Lipstick, 750 Kiss Me Coral (creme)
(I) Avon: Smooth Minerals, Blushed Rose
(J) Vaseline

7) Apply (I) blush
8) Moisturize your lips with lip balm or vaseline (J)
9) Apply a bold lipstick (H)

Easy and classic look. Good for casual outings because you don't look overdone :)

I will update soon with other lipstick-a-day looks soon ><...


  1. I love this look!

  2. Great tutorial~ I love how your lashes look


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