♪ Mei's FOTD Tutorial: False lashes that look like your own!

Today's look is super easy; still using false lashes, but today I will only use top lash; and since it's a natural look for daytime, the main point is to make the falsies look real :D

The false lashes I'm using today is Ardell 108; do they look kind of short to you? The perfect natural false lashes is about 2~3mm longer than your natural lashes; don't worry about it being not long enough. Because false lashes have a much better and even distribution and nicer curve, once they are applied, they still add lots length and volume to my real lashes, without looking overdone. They are perfect for daytime; I always use these when I don't have time for sculpting (lol, I'm not kidding) my lashes with mascara but still want to look good, AND natural :D

Steps for eyes:

  • a basic earthy shadow with shimmer for upper lid
  • highlight inner corner
  • line upper lashline very closely, point: don't go past your eyeline for a more natural look :)
  • curl lashes
  • apply false lashes; be sure to trim them ahead of time so they are juuuust about 2~3mm longer than your actual eyeline.
  • apply mascara to combine the real and the fake :P
  • starting from the end of top lash line, line 1/2 of the bottom eyeline. Make sure to rim them out a bit so the corner part connect visually. But we don't need to do the little triangle here, which is introduced in a previous post. http://aimeidaily.blogspot.com/2010/01/testing.html Basically the rule for bottom liner for a natural day look is no falsies= do triangle, falsies= no triangle. LOL I feel like I'm talking codes here! Please refer to this post, the part for bottom liner.
Please excuse me for my blood shot eyeball... I use these eye drops, which helps reduce redness; however I have to say I find it too blurry... Does anyone have same experience with eye drops? That when they are reeeeally moisturising, you have blurry vision for a while and it just feels weird...
Lycee eye drop from Rohto

View when eyes are closed; if you look closely, it's actually coming off a little in the middle lol! I didn't notice at all until I took this pic! Of course I fixed it after hoho~

Any natural colour moisturising lipstick or lip gloss would do in this look; I'm using Cover FX Lip FX lipstick in Rose blush; it comes with lip balm on the other end; it's a very moisturising lipstick but I think the price is a little high...

Products I used for base makeup:

  • Covermark Bright Up concealer stick in Y-1
  • Mary Kay mineral foundation in Ivory 1
  • Avon mineral blush in Radiance

A little closer up, can you tell I'm wearing fake lashes? :D

I hope you found this tutorial useful :D
Have fun~ <3


  1. that was a very nice tutorial :)

  2. The falsies look so pretty and natural on you!! ^^

  3. Wow I envy your skills! You make the false lashes look so real and natural on you!

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