♣ Ai's Avon & Trade Secrets Haul

Warning: Pic heavy!!!
I ordered some skincare and make-up from Avon with my mum :) Their shipping was super fast and prices for items are reasonable.


Avon: Eye Makeup Remover Lotion
Similar to my HG Nivea cream eye makeup remover I use; gentler, just as effective, but it was on sale for $2.

Liiv Botanicals: Night Moisturizer
I decided to test out the Liiv botanicals line by Avon because if its ingredients. All products are dye-free, preservative-free, fragrance-free, and suitable for sensitive skin. This cream is not heavy and easily absorbed by your skin. The frost/shimmers does not bother me, since it does not show up on my skin. If you are sensitive to herbal/green fragrance maybe this will not be a line for you... All their products have a light distinct green scent. 

Liiv Botanicals: Revitalizing Face Pearls
From the product description this sounds like a multi-purpose miracle oil?? "Awaken dull skin, evens skin tone, minimize pores, improves skin, firmer skin, softens looks of lines/wrinkles." The oil is dispensed through a roller and you just roll this product where you want improvements in your skin. I am currently only use this on lines under my eyes. If it does perform miracles I will be sure to update/review.

Liiv Botanicals: Eye Cream, SPF 15
Like I have previously mentioned I love products with spf, and eye cream is not an exception. The consistency of the product is quite thick when squeezed out of the tube (probably because of the spf content??), but when applied it does not feel thick and quickly absorbed.The eye cream does not ball up when makeup is applied on top and did not irritate my eyes. So far so good.

Avon: Solutions Plus Maximum Moisture Eye Cream

I wanted a better and more hydrating eye cream for night time this is great for sensitive eyes; hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, dermatological-tested, ophthalmologist-tested - all this just means its suitable for sensitive eyes... -_-... Consistency is like a night cream (on the thicker side), but again absorption is good.

Mark: Light Bright Eye Gel
This is... sort of disappointing in size. Contains VERY little product, even though it is effective. When squeezed out of the tube the gel is a thick consistency, upon application you can feel it depuffying your eyes! Regardless, too little product!!!

Mark: Go-With-The-Grain Exfoliating Beads
I find this product ultra conventional. You don't have to purchase a separate scrub, you just add the exfoliating beads to your normal face wash and TADA you have scrub. I even tried this with Vaseline as a lip scrub - this worked great too.There is not that much product but you really don't need too much. The beads are actually made of rice bran (natural ingredients :D).


Mark: Get Bright Highlighter
This is a tiny portable highlighter. Works well for the under eye area, the only problem I found is that the product dries too quickly then blending becomes impossible and ugly. To make this work you must immediately drop everything in your hands and BLEND!!! (lol... ok so its not that exaggerating). I do think this is workable and easy to use once you get the hang of it.
a) Avon: Smooth Minerals Blush
I purchased this in 2 shades; radiance and blushed rose. Some how blushed rose is a little dark for my skin tone. Colour pigment is good, smooth and easy to apply, similar to most mineral blush out there.

b) Avon: Smooth Minerals Concealer 
Purchased in fair. This is actually the only product I don't know what to do with... =_=;;;;; coverage is ok, but powder makes my skin look dry... I knew that, so now I should ask myself why I made this purchased.

c) Avon: Wash-off Waterproof Mascara
It was a free gift with the order. I am pleased with this mascara, does not clump, no flaking, and separates my lashes. I wanted more volume and this gave me length, but really... free mascara that works. I am not complaining~

d) Ardell: Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator
You can purchase this at some Trade secrets location. I grabbed the last one in my location though :P Highly raved about on MUA, so I decided to see if it will make my lashes longer~ The solution have a plastic-y smell, but does not make your lashes sticky and does not sting your eyes (unlike Mavala). Will review for later.

e) Avon: Precision Glimmer Eyeshadow
Colour in Dune, a light beige with gold sheen. Fast and easy. No complaints.

f) Avon: Blushing Raisins Eyeshadow Quad
Colour 1 is basically skin tone for me, its useless? Colour 2 is a matte light pink, Colour 3 is a lilac shimmer, and Colour 4 is dark purple-brown shimmer. My swatches are hard to see... :( I wish there was more pigmentation for the matte colours, because they don't show up well.

f) Avon: Island Breeze Eyeshadow Quad
I personally find this more useful than Blushing Raisins, and pigmentation is ok (all 4 are shimmer). Colour 1 is a pale pink shimmer, Colour 2 is a baby blue frost, Colour 3 is a pink khaki shimmer, and Colour 4 is an ocean blue shimmer.

g) Ardell: Invisible Demi-Wispies Black & Adhesive for False Lashes
Back in the lash game~ I thought for night outings it would be nice to add false half lashes :) I cut the full strip of lashes in half or 1/3. Upcoming tutorial~

We will be adding lipstick hauls soon. Mei and I are obsessed with lipsticks currently.


♪ Makeup Tutorial : Natural Day Look

This is a very useful look, perfect for school, hanging out, shopping and even dinner; it's also kind of my signature makeup lol, because it is easy and natural; follow my tutorial and you can do it too ♪ I'm wearing Hyper Natural colour contacts in Brown.


Always start with a daily sunscreen if your base product does not contain SPF; for this natural day look I only used Nanoce BB cream (SPF 30) for my whole face and Covermark concealer stick for pimple and pimple scar. My tip is always do your makeup facing your window; because you can see very clearly, this makes it easy to see imprefections on your face and to NOT over-apply makeup. You can still see my freckles and some small imprefections in this bright light, but once I'm in a normal light you won't be able to see such things. It's very important for a day look to not cover every little imprefection on your face with foundation and powder. Plus, I think freckles are cute!


Steps for blush

I use Cezanne blush in Natural Blush N; It is a perfect buildable blush for a natural look; peachy with some bronze tone suits most skin colour and can be used to contour the face as well.


This kind of brown/beige pallatte is perfect for a natural day look; I'm using Sweets Sweets Perfect Eyes by Cezanne in PE6.

E: Kate liquid eyeliner
F: Bibo pencil liner
G: Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara
H: Lancome eyebrow pencil in Natural Blonde

Line inner line and lash line; you should be able to see about 2-3mm of liner when you close your eyes.

Using liquid on bottom would be too harsh looking; be sure to make the corner of the bottom liner and top liner meet and form a little triangle at the outter corner of your eye.

Put on 2 or 3 coats of mascara and fill in the brows; dab some sparkling shadow with your finger onto the center of eyelid.

Apply lipbalm and I'm good to go~♪

See what I mean by it looks much better in normal lighting? Because you don't see as much imprefection and my eye makeup appears more natural. By doing makeup facing sunlight you are seeing the most imprefection and the most makeup; So no need to worry about a little imprefection you see; and it can avoid you from over applying makeup because you can see a lot more in sunlight! It takes a few tries to get the perfect amount for yourself ♪


♣ Tutorial: Eyebrow Bleaching

Since high school, my eyebrows have been through shaving, cutting, over plucking, regrowing, and bleaching. I started bleaching my eyebrows 5 years ago, and now that my hair is a lighter (again) I realize my black bushy brows look out of place. This means I am back to bleaching my eyebrows every 2 weeks, which gives me this opportunity to write a tutorial on how this is done.

The product used is Jolen Creme Bleach, this can be purchased at most Shoppers. Before actually bleaching your eyebrows, everyone should do a test patch to see if you have any allergic reaction to the product. If you do end up with an allergic reaction, PLEASE DO NOT bleach your brows. ALSO, please read the instructions included in the product prior to bleaching your brows. DO NOT solely reply on this tutorial for instructions.

Items needed:
a) creme bleach
b) bleach accelerator
c) spatula
d) mixing tray
e) glad cling wrap

Preparing the bleach:
1) Measure1 part bleach accelerator and 2 part creme bleach (1/4 tsp bleach accelerator and 1/2 tsp creme bleach). Place on mixing tray.
2) Mix the creme bleach and bleach accelerator together.

a) Before bleaching. You can see that most of the brow is black already.
b) Apply mixture to brow. Try to minimize the application of the mixture on your skin. It is bleach after all~ you might lighten your skin around your brow... :(
c) Lightly place Glad cling wrap on brow, pat it down so the mixture will stay in place.
d) Keep checking on your brows every 5 min, because if you leave it for too long it will not match your hair colour and you might end up with blonde brows...(unless you have blonde hair) I left the bleach mixture on my brows for 15 min.


... its after my shower, no make up I only filled in my brows... I swear next time I will wear make up for pictures lol.

If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment or send us an email~

♣ Review: Aqualabel by Shideido White Emulsion

First review~!

I realized I have purchased many masks in Shanghai, but rarely (never) use them. Since Mei and I started this blog I thought it would be a good idea to do a mask review every week, and they are all very affortable. I currently have enough for 8 weeks worth of review :D So lets get to it~

The Aqualabel white emulsion claims to be highly concentrated in vitamin C and glycyrrhetic acid to prevent spots and whiten skin. The mask also contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and Paeonia extract to hydrate skin. This line is for normal to dry skin and even delicate skin; fragrance-free and pigment-free.

This mask is suppose to hydrate and whiten your skin, but prior to researching I thought this was mainly for whitening. Once opening the package I did not smell any scent. The product was clear and on the liquidy/runny side not like other masks where the consistency was thick and milky.

Now that I have created a horror film on my first review I shall tell you my opinion about this mask. Upon taking a bath and prepping with Avene thermal water, I applied the mask. Waited 10 min. Removed the mask, then I massaged the excess product into my skin.

- no scent what so ever
- the mask was not too large; they are usually too large, too far into my hairline, etc
- the mask did not slide off while I used the computer and walked around
- very hydrating; I did not have to apply my La Roche fluid
 - my pores looked smaller, but could have been the bath causing my pores to open
 - from the photos I think there is less redness? I am not too sure

- a little stinging, but nothing that caused an allergic reaction
- no visible whitening; i guess you can't expect to whiten with only one usage...?

Overall I think this mask is pretty good if you are looking to rehydrate and freshen up. I actually like this because the mask was not too wet and liquid, it was fragrance-free, and it left my skin nicely hydrated and supple.

Off to a pretty good start :) Tutorial coming your way soon~


♣ Ai's Special Skin Care

Extras I use to maintain my skin or to pamper myself lol.

Selena Puff
Selena puffs can be purchased at any T&T grocery store. They will not shed cotton fibers and the two sides of the puff have different textures (smooth & rough). My favorite is the Shiseido puffs... but too expensive $8 vs. $3. I say $3 wins and they work just as well.

Biore: Nose Strip
These are the normal ones they sell at Shoppers but the ones they sell at Pacific Mall or First Markham Place are 10x better. I prefer the Biore nose strip with charcoal, the nose strip itself is black and when you take it off... let’s just say you can see very clearly what you took off.

Shino: Mask Sheets
The same mask sheets Mei uses just a different brand, I got mine in Shanghai. Same story, I use these when I need a boost of hydration. I usually use Avene gentle toner or Avene thermal water.

La Roche-Posay: Effaclar A.I.
This is an acne cream that is extremely gentle and could be applied under your make-up. The scent is light; the texture is like a light cream. This acne cream will not sting or burn your acne when applied, but this is for uncomplicated acne if you have cystic acne this will not be strong enough.

La Roche-Posay: Effaclar K
I just started using this treatment; it is a "daily renewal fluid for oily skin". This treatment is supposed to improve the skin's appearance and unclog pores. I was hugely skeptical at first since it is intended for oily skin thinking I would be horribly dry, but the treatment is actually hydrating. The fluid is white and has a light scent; its texture is a light cream. I have been faithfully using it for 5 days so far and it is effective IMO. On day 3, my mom already asked if I did something with my skin because it was smoother and more hydrated. I guess I shall stay faithful to this for a while and see its full potential. I will continue to update regarding this treatment~

Mavala: Double Cils Lash Serum
I agree with Mei that we need a separate entry for lash serums alone since we have experimented with many different products. Mavala lash serum is the 3rd lash serum I have used, it is the most irritating. When applied to you lashed it will sting the skin at the base of your lashes... I did not have any allergic reaction to this though. This lash serum does work and I did notice length and volume increase in my lashes, but it is not the best. My holy grail is DHC lash serum not only does it increase your lashes in length and volume, but it will keep you lashes healthier and less likely to fall out.

DHC: Acerola 100
This treatment is to fade discoloration or pigmentation. I have not been faithfully using this treatment because I am currently using the La Roche Effaclar K, but when I did use it daily my scars and discoloration did fade. The smell and consistency is not the most pleasant or user friendly... The smell is hard for me to describe (chemicals + maple syrup??) but my bf at the time surely did not like it. The consistency is a liquid, so it is extremely hard to use as a spot treatment. I usually just pumped the liquid into my hand and patted all over my face until absorbed.

Olay: Age Defying Revitalizing Eye Gel
This is my secret for morning after watching sob k-drama or crying. I keep this eye gel in my freezer and apply it to my eyelids; you will watch your puffy lids instantly shrink before your eyes.

Nuxe: Gentle Purifying and Clarifying Mask with 3 Roses
I have no idea what is it about Nuxe, I like their products but their skin care does not work for me... lol. This mask has a heavy herbal smell and its consistency is a bit like a moisturizing mask and oatmeal (it has a clumpy texture)?!?!? I don't really see how this mask purify and clarify because it is very much like a moisturizing mask. When applied, you massage it around your face for 1 - 2 min then let it sit on your face until the mask is no longer white. After rinsing off your skin will be bright and moisturized. I personally like this mask and its purpose is to pamper but... the smell is not too appetizing.

Clinique: Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask
I only use this clay mask when my skin is uncontrollably oily (which is never) or I use it as a spot treatment for itchy reactions I get on my skin. My skin is reactive so sometimes the food I eat will cause a reaction to my facial skin, usually in the form of an itchy bump. This mask is perfect for this problem; in 10 - 15 min the itchy bump will be gone. When used as a mask it is also very good for what it is suppose to do, your skin will look brighter right after usage, but it is too drying for my skin to be used longer term.

Lancome: Comforting Exfoliating Cream
This is my favorite scrub; its exfoliating beads are fine unlike St. Ives (too rough for me... TT_TT). The smell is delicious and girlie; I use this when I think my skin looks dull. Maybe once every 2 weeks.

DHC: Face-up Pack
This is probably the funniest concept for a mask I have ever encountered, and it works. This mask is supposed to make your face slimmer; you apply the mask on your jaw line and chin. The consistency is a clear, sticky, gel-like substance and it is scent less. Previously, I passionately used this mask 2 times a week as indicated for duration of time and it really did make my face slimmer... I know that is shocking and unbelievable, but try it and see for yourself :)

That's all for now~ I have a haul from Avon in about a week's time. Reviews will be added~


♣ Ai's Daily Skin Care

Now that the layout is finalized~ I shall follow in Mei's foot steps and share my basic skin routine.

I am a hardcore believer of skincare and I feel skincare should be emphasized incomparison to makeup. Just like Shu Uemura said "beauty starts with skincare."

Both Mei and I have sensitive skin, and we both are reactive to many products out in the market... Of course, some products Mei is reactive to I can use perfectly fine, and vise versa. Everyone have different skin but I hope our trial and error can help others find their holy grail products.

Okie. Me, Ai have intolerant skin, which is at times annoying to deal with considering my skin tone is very pale, therefore scarring is painfully visible. I have combination skin: oily in t-zone and normal cheeks. My pores clog easily and my cheeks are the most sensitive. My breakouts are mainly induced by reaction to products, and they are on my chin and sides of my face.

From left to right; according to my routine.

Nivea: Visage Eye Make-up Remover
A "cream" eye make-up remover and this removes all traces of my eye make-up (i wear a lot of mascara.) Do not follow the instructions given on the bottle - it's jibberish. If you actually follow the instructions you are going to get this cream everywhere and pull out your own lashes at the same time. I would advice to use a quarter size amount of the product, swirl and rub the cream around your eye area until you look like a panda (because the cream will turn black from removing all your eye make-up), then just rinse off. This remover will minimize the amount of eyelashes you pull off while trying to remove your eye make-up since you are not tugging and pulling with a cotton pad :) Oh~ not to mention is it super cheap, I bought this for about $7 on sale at shoppers.

Bioderma: Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution
Introduced by Mei, when my skin goes crazy and not at its best condition, I always return to this make-up remover. I wear sunscreen daily so I need a seperate make-up remover for my face. The best micelle solution in the market with a reasonable price. Avene works fine but more expensive and smaller amount of product, La Roche does not work but cheaper. IMO this is gold (but it does have a bitter taste... if you ever end up licking your lip after using the solution, which I am sure most people would not do... unless you are me).

Marcelle: Gentle Foaming Wash
I tend to lean towards face wash that is extremely gentle. This foaming wash basically just removes the left over traces of product and make-up from my face. I forgot to mention anything that touches my facial skin must be hypo-allergic and non-comedogenic, if it is perfume-free, even better. When there are too much perfume or chemicals in the product my skin will sting... not pretty. Non-comedogenic, because my pores clogs easily and no one wants clogged pore in general. Back to the foaming wash. This is super gentle, it will not strip your skin of its natural oils and it keeps the ph blanace of your skin. After you wash it off your skin will feel super smooth~ One of my top 10.

Avene: Thermal Water
Mei and I are royal believers of Avene thermal water, and Mei is the one who introduced this product to me. I have been using this for 3 years now and currently I am using this as toner. If my skin is reacting, I reach for this but the"water" is not exactly cheap...

La Roche-Posay: Toleriane Fluid
One of my recent purchase for my winter skin care routine. I use to favour a thicker cream to combat the winter wind and dryness, but now I divided the job into two because I realized a hydrating serum plus lotion will do the same as a cream and less likely to feel oily. I apply the fluid to my face after the thermal water to lock in moisture and the hydrating properties are excellent. The consistency is runny so your skin will absorb it easily.

Marcelle: Essentials Protection+ SPF15
My day lotion, which I apply after the toleriane fluid - double moisture :D This lotion is oil-free and hypo-free-non (hypo-allergic, perfume free, non-comedogenic). Marcelle makes many great products for sensitive skin, and the consistency is liquidy and light. In the summer this lotion is probably moisturizing enough to be used alone. So far my this favourite lotion aside from Avene, but this is more affordable. I hate getting tanned so SPF15 is great, especially since I apply this to my neck also.

April: Eye Bright Sparkling Gel
Some cheap eye gel I bought in Shanghai since my DHC Bright Eye ran out. This product line is actually made by the dermatologist association in Shanghai and is geared towards sensitive skin. Apparently not gentle enough because I could not use any of their skin care... Just a basic eye gel, and it does what it is suppose to (depuffs and moisturizes). I use eye gel on my lids and eye cream for under eye.

Marcelle: Essentials 1st Winkles Eye Cream
The consistency of the cream is light and is absorbed quickly. No complaints, and a no-frill product. Starting to develop lines under my eyes so I must find a better eye cream - like Mei =_=;;;; I like this eye cream though, it does not disturb application of concealer or eye makeup.

phew~ that was long... next post will be on special skin care.


♪ Mei's Special Skin Care

Aside from the daily routine; we all need some special care for those breakout, blackheads and extra dry days :)

Biore nose strip
I'm sure everyone is very familiar with it; this is just the package from Japan. Many people say using nose strip can damage your pore, which might be true. But it is much better than squeezing the pores with fingers, and it's all about taking care of the pores after the strip. What I do is spraying a piece of cotton with Avene Thermal water and leave it on my nose for at least 30 mins; this helps to calm the irritation caused by stripping your nose and also to shrink the pores.

Lash serum by Browlash Labotory
Me and Ai need to do an entry just on lash serum later on; as we both have tried many. This one I have just purchased it this winter; so far it is very moisturising and gentle on the eyes. I have noticed some small lashes growing out on the bottom.

Acne.org Benzoyl Peroxide
A friend recommended it to me and I have found it pretty effective so far; it is the same ingredient with the Benzoyl Peroxide that you can get from dermatologist but not as strong; so it can actually be purchased without a prescription. It does burn a bit when you apply it on top of a pimple; because it is a bit watery, it is hard to keep it off the skin around the pimple so sometimes it can leave a dry patch. But overall it is a very effective pimple treatment.

La Roche Posay Cicaplast
This is a scar treatment, which I use on pimple scars. It is perfect to heal the dry patch left by the Acne. org pimple treatment, lol. Bio oil is another good product that helps to heal old and new scars.

Tunemaker Retinol essence
For those who are not familiar with the term Retinol, it is essentially Vitamin A; which is suppose to help minimize your pores. However I have not noticed so much difference in the size of my pores after using it so passionately everyday for a month... I eventually left it in the corner of my shelf collecting dust. One thing I have learned from years of searching is that once your pores are stretched, nothing can make it smaller again; surely they look smaller after you do a treatment, but that is just temporarily. For those lucky ones whose pores have yet been stretched... don't squeeze your blackheads (whiteheads)! Use a scrub and nose strip; speaking of scrubs, I forgot to include it in this picture, I'm a loyal user of St. Ives Apricot scrubs, it is really the best stuff; effective and does not cause irritations, as long as you don't scrub too hard! The best part is it's only about $5 for a huge tube.

Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask
I love masks! lol. I'm a busy university student with LOTS of projects so it requires me to stay up and pull allnighters. This mask is perfect for the morning after allnighter; it really lights up your full looking skin. I am on my 2nd tube of this product; so far I haven't found a cheaper alternation that does the same thing. I have tried Lush fresh mask, but it was quite irritating especially because your skin becomes extra weak after an all-nighter.

Clarins Gentle facial peeling
I quite regret buying this product for the price of it lol. It does make your skin looking more radiant, however the process is a pain. As you have to peel the stuff off little by little, it leaves quite a mess in your sink and it feels more like a scrub than a mask... and for a scrub I prefer my St. Ives.

Clinique deep cleansing emergency mask
This mask is recommended by Ai, and it has become my breakout-days favourite since. It is not your daily hydrating mask that you would leave on for 10, 20 mins. This product is suppose to be a 5 min breakout treatment; it dries you out if you leave it on for too long but does the wonder for the effect it promises. It can also be used as a spot treatment.

Kanebo Kracie mask
No.1 mask on Cosme.jp; it is very very hydrating so once a week is definitely enough even for winter. It has SO much product on one sheet that it is usually dripping lol; so I can actually use the extra product in the pouch as serum :D It is fairly priced, around $8 for 5 sheets. I usually stock them up everytime I go to Japan; but this can easily can found on shopping site such as veryasia.com or sasa.com

Muji cut-cotton & mask sheets
The cotton is what I mentioned in Mei's daily skincare; the coin-like mask sheets expands into a whole sheets once you put toner on it; I usually use Avene thermal water or the Muji toner when I need some quick hydrating treatment.

Shiseido eye mask sheets
I use this with my Muji high moisture toner to give my eye area the extra hydrating care; the shape is quite unique from the usual eye mask as it covers not only the under-eye area but also the lid.


♪ FIRST ENTRY- Mei's Daily Skin Care

Me and Ai have thought of starting a beauty blog for so long; because we are both absolutely freakish about make up and skin care and we are always looking at other girl's blogs for ideas. So why not start one of our own? I hope everyone who looks at our blog can find something useful :D

So first I thought I should do a review my daily routine products, as most of them have been working for me. I have combination skin with oily t-zone and dry cheeks; my skin is also very sensitive especially on the cheeks; I have redness on my cheeks and occasionally get breakouts around my nose and mouth.

Let's start with my daily skin care

From left to right, as the order of my routine (I use a lot of product from Japan, which can possible be found on Ebay or Amazon.jp)

Softymo super point makeup remover
The No.1 makeup remover on Cosme.jp ( equivalent to our Makeupalley.com in Japan) for the past 2 years; very gentle but effective; an alternative that can be found in North America is Lancome's Bi-facil, I have ditched Bi-facil after I found this product because of the price difference... this one sells only for $7 in Japan, but Bi-facil works just as well.

Mutenka (No additive) makeup removing oil
The only makeup removing oil I have used so far that does not irritate my eyes; I can actually open my eyes while having this on my face, while other oil cleanser I have used before all tend to blur my vision. Mutenka is famous for being gentle, nothing extraordinary but good for basic daily care.

Mutenka forming face wash
Again a very basic and gentle face wash; for those who might not know, washing your face one more time with a face wash is essential after cleaning with oil cleanser; because no matter how clean it feels, there is still residual left on your face.

Avene Thermal water
A product I have used for more than 4 years; it's one of those product that will improve your skin in a long term.

Muji High moisture toner
I think most people that comes from Asia is familiar with this brand; but most likely with their stationary products and home living stuff. I started using this toner after seeing the high review on Cosme.jp, and surprised to find that it works the wonder with the price of $12 for such a huge bottle of 200ml. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and moisture enough for Toronto's harsh weather. They come in difference levels of moisture too, in Japan's humid summer I use the Fresh kind. I also recommend the cotton pads from them as well; it is the same quality with those expensive Shiseido cotton pads in our drug stores; Muji sells them for around $2 for 120 pads. The cottons can be found in the US online store, however it seems like cosmetic stuff is not sold there :( But you happen to go to Japan for vacation, definitely try this toner!

Embryolisse cream (filaderme emulsion)
Such a good cream for winter! The texture is a little thick, but very easy to spread and you don't need that much for the whole face. I particular favour French skin care, they just work! lol. I have been using Avene's compensating cream in winter for 3 years and have just started this cream since this winter; it is not as easily absorbing as Avene and it doesn't smell as good; but work just as well, it is also a good makeup base.

La Roche Posay Active C eye cream
As my profile says I am still looking for the perfect eye cream; this eye cream has pretty good review on MUA but I find it pretty... useless to be honest... it is too light especially for winter; as soon as you squeeze it out of the tube it transforms into a very watery texture, which does not leave the eye area as moisturised as an eye cream should be. I also don't see any improvement in the fine line under my eyes.
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