♪ Mei's Birthday Look + Birthday party pics~

Thank you so everyone's birthday wishes~~ sorry I have been updating so not often these days~~ please forgive me,, I have started another summer course and part time job > < so getting a little busy.. My birthday look is basically Smokey + sparkle, I don't usually do heavy eye makeup so this is considered as a lot to me lol, I also used liquid foundation, something I normally don't use, however liquid foundation is definitely a must when you want your skin to look good in pictures.
  • Maybelline Expert Wear Palatte 02 Natural Smokes
  • The Face Shop Eyeshadow WH004 Sparkle (inner corner of eyes)
  • Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner in Charcoal
  • Eyebrow: ELF eyebrow kit in Light + Lancome eyebrow pencil in Blonde

I appoligize for the clumpy lashes and the missing fake lashes pics, I just used some drying waterproof mascara because I know I'm wearing fake lashes later so I didn't care too much lol. And I forgot to take a picture after putting on the falsies!! urghh~~ next time then~~

Lips: Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick in Nude Blush
(I just noticed I'm using so many Maybelline products for this look , lol~)

  • Anna Sui Moisturizing Foundation in P04
  • Covermark concealer stick in Y-1
  • Sofina Raycious Frosty loose powder
  • Diorshow Powder (blush) in Catwalk Pink

Rare serious face~~ sorry about my ugly yellow pajama haha... = =;;

Hair: Vertical inward curl, I was aiming for a princessy feel~ :P

Nails: Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure 370 Commander in Chic

It's taken with my cellphone so not as clear~ but the colour is very accurate to the true colour
This is the Maybelline eyeshadow palatte I'm using for this look; it's a very useful palatte for smokey eyes with two sparkle greys and matte white and black; I got it on sale that day for something like $3.99? And I love it!

Sorry I don't have a picture of the finished look with fake lashes and the outfit.. here are some pictures from that night :DD
At "This is London" club
The classic girls posing in the washroom pic.. lol
Most of us were pretty gone by then... :P
Hahaha poor Taka~~

With my favourite girls<33>

Hope you enjoyed reading :D I hope I can update more often~~ > <>
so see you next time~♪


♪ Mei's hair colour change!

Hi everyone~~ sorry about the long pause in updating! Last Saturday was my 24th birthday~ I was pretty busy preparing for my birthday party the whole week :PP And after Saturday's party I chose to be a pig for 3 days at home = =;;; I have to stop eating!!
This post is a short one, just to update my new hair colour, which I did a week ago I think? As you know I have been having that half-black half-light brown hair for so long because I was trying to be healthy to my hair, since I dyed my hair way too often for the past 2 years. I actually planned to let all the colour grow out lol,, but I finally can't take it anymore~~~ for summer I usually prefer light hair colour, but since I had light hair for the past 2 years so I decided to go with medium brown, might be a boring colour but I find this colour matching most of my summer clothes very well. Since summer clothes tend to be more colourful I prefer my hair stay more neutural, when in winter I prefer to have light and bright hair colour to balance the mostly black clothes.

I used drug store hair colour L'oreal's Exellence Creme with Pro Keratine (the one Ai used before) in #5 Medium brown. I'm not aiming for a ashy tone or golden tone but just natural brown. Excellence Creme is my absolute favourite drug store hair colour for many years, because it's ceamy and the smell is not too unbearable. Now it apparently contains Keratine, hmmm very appealing~~ :P My hair became very soft and shiny after the dye job.

Before: dry and dull with patchy colour

After: shiny and soft even colour

I will update my birthday look soon :D but now please make do with an OOTD from last week

What I'm wearing:

  • Black silk romper from Heather
  • Light denim jacket from Ehyphenworld Gallery (Another strange english name Japanese people came up with,, I never found out if this could mean anything,, if you know please tell me~ lol)
  • Vintage shoulder bag

Did you like my new hair colour? Or you think lighter is better?



♪ Last weekend~ Looks of two nights

I'm having really bad cough these days :( so I decide to stay home the whole weekend and watch dramas LOL,, so that means no looking nice for me this weekend ]:
Btw recently I'm following this drama 素直になれなくて Sunao ni narenakute (can't be honest) the story is pretty good and plus my favourite Eita and Juri!! It's talking about this group of friends who met on Twitter~ interesting I think~ I used to not like Tohoshinki so much... but one of them is in this drama and I realised he is a very diligent actor, and his Japanese is pretty perfect! Anyway I highly recommand if you are also a J-drama fan :P
Ok back to topic~ this is the Lotd for last Friday, I was going for a casual look since I was just going to karaoke & drinking with a few friends, lol hence the flats! I matched the outfit with soft mixed (inwards & outwards) curls with light and natural makeup, the eye makeup is quite boring lol.. I didn't even curl the lashes I think... hmm hope you guys are not bored of this natural makeup thing I always do... I promise I'll do more fun makeup sometime~~!!

Eyes & Brows:

  • Cezanne Sweets Sweets shadow
  • Kate Super Sharp Liner (liquid)
  • Clinique High Impact mascara
  • ELF Eyebrow kit in Light + Lancome brow pencil in Natural Blonde

Lips: LipFx Tint+ Treatment lipstick in Rose Blush

What I'm wearing:
  • H&M purple top
  • Random Japan brand light denim shorts with embroidery design
  • Vintage chain & bangles
  • Aldo vintage inspired shoulder bag
  • ABC mart sandal flats

Yes you did not read it wrong! ABC mart!! LOL! People who have visited Japan should know this store, it's basically like our Footlocker and it's EVERYWHERE~~ they mostly sell sneakers etc,, but I somehow managed to find this super cute silver sandals there 2 years ago,, and yes I still wear them now!! hahaha they are getting really worn out tho... T__T I have been looking for a substitute but have yet to found anything like this!! urghhhh~~~ Don't you just HATE it when this happens??!!

camwhoring~~ :P

Pictures from that night :D with the drinking group LOL, yes we are all alcoholic...

Saturday night with the same gang~ my best friend, the cutest twins and the funniest hair dresser :DD

Not sure what I was doing lol, maybe scratching my leg? lol = =;;
What I was wearing
  • H&M pieced fabric top
  • same light denim shorts with embroidery design
  • Brazen Hussy elastic belt with gold buckle
  • Aldo sling back pumps
  • Vintage chain purse

I love the black gladiators my girl friends are wearing~! I need something useful like those~

And I realise I reeeally need to dye my hair... I have two colours on my head.. = =;;

Hope you enjoyed reading~~ :DD
see you next time!~


♪ Lotd (Vertical mixed curls) + Guerlain BB cream (??)

I posted tutorial for Horizontal curls before; this post is not a tutorial (I will if anyone wants to see :) I haven't done this kind of vertical and mixed curls for a while! It was kind of fun doing it :PP
Basically vertical curls means holding your curling iron vertically, and mixed means inwards and outwards mixed!
This technique creates obvious curls that's a little messy and a glamorous feel
I did this as basically a day look so I matched it with rather simple makeup :)

Half-updo with this hair, it's very simple! All you need is two pins! It's good for dinner, dates etc,, anything that you need to add a little more soft femininity :>

I have started a "Rediscovering Makeup" project after seeing Nic nic's~ and I recently started using this Guerlain product again, Creme Camphrea-Anti Blemish Care.

Back discription: Covers and clears up the superficial imperfections of oily skin. Apply locally.

I don't really know how to call it because it is like a foudation but much more natural, it is thick but not dry, so very easy to blend out. So I decided to call it BB cream lol, since the definition of BB cream is Blemish Balm, and "Balm" is the exact word to describe the texture of this product, thick but easy to blend. BB cream is supposed to heal blemishes like this product as well. I only use it as a concealer (except for my under eye) on spots to covers and some on my cheeks to cover redness.
I do notice my pimples NOT getting irritated after applying this; compare to using regular concealers, they sometimes irritate pimples and make them worse.
The colour though is on the pink side, as my skin is actually quite pink I find it ok for me; some people might find this shade too pink.

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Thank you new followers~ we have reached more than 100 followers!! :DDD
Thank you everyone for liking us and supporting me while Ai is gone :>
See you next time~~
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