♪ Mei's hair colour change!

Hi everyone~~ sorry about the long pause in updating! Last Saturday was my 24th birthday~ I was pretty busy preparing for my birthday party the whole week :PP And after Saturday's party I chose to be a pig for 3 days at home = =;;; I have to stop eating!!
This post is a short one, just to update my new hair colour, which I did a week ago I think? As you know I have been having that half-black half-light brown hair for so long because I was trying to be healthy to my hair, since I dyed my hair way too often for the past 2 years. I actually planned to let all the colour grow out lol,, but I finally can't take it anymore~~~ for summer I usually prefer light hair colour, but since I had light hair for the past 2 years so I decided to go with medium brown, might be a boring colour but I find this colour matching most of my summer clothes very well. Since summer clothes tend to be more colourful I prefer my hair stay more neutural, when in winter I prefer to have light and bright hair colour to balance the mostly black clothes.

I used drug store hair colour L'oreal's Exellence Creme with Pro Keratine (the one Ai used before) in #5 Medium brown. I'm not aiming for a ashy tone or golden tone but just natural brown. Excellence Creme is my absolute favourite drug store hair colour for many years, because it's ceamy and the smell is not too unbearable. Now it apparently contains Keratine, hmmm very appealing~~ :P My hair became very soft and shiny after the dye job.

Before: dry and dull with patchy colour

After: shiny and soft even colour

I will update my birthday look soon :D but now please make do with an OOTD from last week

What I'm wearing:

  • Black silk romper from Heather
  • Light denim jacket from Ehyphenworld Gallery (Another strange english name Japanese people came up with,, I never found out if this could mean anything,, if you know please tell me~ lol)
  • Vintage shoulder bag

Did you like my new hair colour? Or you think lighter is better?



  1. like ur new hair colour :)

  2. You look absolutely stunning! :)

  3. Love your hair! I really need a haircut.. It's been about a yr or so since Ive not coloured it.. STILL growing it lol. I understand why you ran out of patience - love the new hair colour! it compliments your skin tone very much! ohh cute outfit.. girl you are sooo slim!! Happy belated birthday too :D

  4. the color looks lovely :) and belated happy bday =)

  5. That look great!!! you look so pretty!

  6. love your new hair colour. Happy 24th Bday

  7. love your new hair colour, it looks great!

  8. happy belated birthday! :)
    the new hair colour suits you


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