♣ moi kitties

First video; 8 weeks old. Second video was taken recently, so they are approx. 5 months old :]


♣ elf + random haul

 Finally my elf haul :] and bought randoms at Walmart. My kitties wanted to be in the photo...

 Temporary tattoos by Hard Candy; includes 6 sheets with sparrow, cheery blossom, and chain design.
 For days when your bored of your skin. 
 Left to right: elf mineral lipstick in Natural Nymph ($5), elf mineral lipstick in Bare Brown ($5), Revlon matte lipstick in Nude Attitude.
 Swatches in same order as above.
The elf mineral lipsticks contains no parabens, preservatives, or dyes. I am debating on donating the natural nymph to Mei. It is too pale of a nude lipstick for me I look ultra pale :[
 elf Warm Bronzer ($3), Rimmel blush in Sienna ($5), elf cream eyeliner in Metallic Olive ($3), elf cream eyeliner in Copper ($3)
 Swatches in same order as above. elf bronzer not so good for me... it's too dark :[
The elf cream eyeliner is amazingly smudge proof! It was impossible to remove with my Bioderma micelle solution, must use waterproof makeup remover with this one. The angled brush that came with the liner is also legitimate and works great with the product. Only $3~
elf Mineral 4 Piece Bamboo Brush set: complexion brush, concealer brush, blending eyeshadow brush, and mini kabuki brush. I wish the bristles were more dense and without a weird plastic smell. It's only $10 though, plus eco-friendly~

I shall do a tutorial soon. Thanks for the tag Penny~ I will get to it asap.


♣ i need you so much closer.

jacket: f21 / t shirt maxi & scarf: h&m / boots: gojane

rimmel lasting finish pro in hot cocoa
I have recently been listening to Death Cab for Cutie and Phoenix. They sound similar to Mr. Children but vocals are in English (duh... lol.). New boots; I truly believe they would look better if they are dirty. I tried kicking them around in TTC, but they are still work in progress. I am getting back into thrifting again. Found the silver serving plate (now serving my jewelery) and this porcelain tiger. No idea what I should put inside this unhappy tiger. It kind of reflects my mood right now lol... maybe because it's empty and doesn't serve a purpose right now. 


♣ gyaru with shoe fetish

 Sometimes I put on makeup for no occasion or reason at all. This happens often near midnight... 
On a normal basis I don't wear this much eye makeup, but when I do - I think I look like a gyaru...
Blush: Rimmel in Santa Rose / Shadow: Maybelline in Sunlit Bronze / Lash Base: MUFE Lash FIbers / Mascara: Maybelline Full'N Soft + Volum' Express / Liner: Annabelle Smudge Liner in Rich Chocolate

 Recently purchased from aldo and gojane. I walked around for an hour in the black pumps to the right. No pain for my feet so far.
Owls made of real feathers - my bf picked up for me during our antique hunting adventures. 


♣ mad hatter with a haircut

 hat: f21 & bailey / dress: aa u neck dress

 cardigans: f21, vintage / tshirt: ?? / jeans: killcity / ankle cowboy boots: aldo / scarf: h&m / ring: xVELVETx
Got my hair trimmed again today with subtle changes. It was getting too long... I don't know if I will attempt long hair again. Sorry readers, I know this is suppose to be a beauty blog but I have not posted anything related to makeup lol. maybe next post? my daily routine is only base makeup, mascara, and lipstick... :[
p.s. for readers in T.O. who would like a cut, I can give you the number to my hairstylist. She is awsome.


♣ photo diary + lash perm

jacket: mysty women / shirt: aa 3d flower jumper / legging: f21 / ear muffs: aldo / bag: vintage / shoes: ?? / lipstick: rimmel lasting finish lipstick in heavenly

i don't want snow, i can't wear pretty shoes.

Eyelash Perm:


Got my eyelashes permed at a salon, usually cost between $20 - 60. I had mine done for $35. Depending on salon they use either rods or clips to maintain the curl of your lashes when perming. The first time I had this done they used rods, this time the salon used clips.

Rod: more prone to having kinks in your lashes (if the beautician is not careful)... but curl is much more obvious and dramatic.
Clips: curl is less obvious, more natural.

I wanted dramatic curly lashes, but sadly what I got was pretty natural. :( 
If you want more info on how lash perming is done, just look it up on youtube~ looks a bit freaky but I assure you it's painless.

I have to leave you with this... I want one!!!


♣ Face, Fashion, Hi.

Hello to our readers~ if there are still readers lol. Sorry for not updating for the longest time (at least for my part...). I had a busy summer right after my semester ended. Started working, visited HK, went back to Shanghai, came back and continued to work... no excuse really just a bad blogger :( All the thanks to Mei~ while I was gone for updating, but school has started again so as you can see we are both not updating!! I assure you guys we are going to start updating again lol. I thought it's a good idea that Mei started doing outfit pictures. Copying.

Left to right: be sunscreen SPF 25 / Rosebud Salve / elf mineral blush in bliss / sephora lasting liquid eyeliner in brown / maybelline volum' express waterproof mascara / maybelline full' n soft waterproof mascara 
Apply eyeliner on 2/3 of eyelid, wing at the end. Curl lashes, apply mascara. TADA.
wearing Neo Glamour Brown.

I cut my hair short :) you can still do hair arrangements though.

faux fur vest: old pmall / sweater: ?? / jeans: ae / boots: juicy

Yay. will update soon, perming eyelashes tomorrow.


♪ Mei's Birthday Look + Birthday party pics~

Thank you so everyone's birthday wishes~~ sorry I have been updating so not often these days~~ please forgive me,, I have started another summer course and part time job > < so getting a little busy.. My birthday look is basically Smokey + sparkle, I don't usually do heavy eye makeup so this is considered as a lot to me lol, I also used liquid foundation, something I normally don't use, however liquid foundation is definitely a must when you want your skin to look good in pictures.
  • Maybelline Expert Wear Palatte 02 Natural Smokes
  • The Face Shop Eyeshadow WH004 Sparkle (inner corner of eyes)
  • Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner in Charcoal
  • Eyebrow: ELF eyebrow kit in Light + Lancome eyebrow pencil in Blonde

I appoligize for the clumpy lashes and the missing fake lashes pics, I just used some drying waterproof mascara because I know I'm wearing fake lashes later so I didn't care too much lol. And I forgot to take a picture after putting on the falsies!! urghh~~ next time then~~

Lips: Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick in Nude Blush
(I just noticed I'm using so many Maybelline products for this look , lol~)

  • Anna Sui Moisturizing Foundation in P04
  • Covermark concealer stick in Y-1
  • Sofina Raycious Frosty loose powder
  • Diorshow Powder (blush) in Catwalk Pink

Rare serious face~~ sorry about my ugly yellow pajama haha... = =;;

Hair: Vertical inward curl, I was aiming for a princessy feel~ :P

Nails: Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure 370 Commander in Chic

It's taken with my cellphone so not as clear~ but the colour is very accurate to the true colour
This is the Maybelline eyeshadow palatte I'm using for this look; it's a very useful palatte for smokey eyes with two sparkle greys and matte white and black; I got it on sale that day for something like $3.99? And I love it!

Sorry I don't have a picture of the finished look with fake lashes and the outfit.. here are some pictures from that night :DD
At "This is London" club
The classic girls posing in the washroom pic.. lol
Most of us were pretty gone by then... :P
Hahaha poor Taka~~

With my favourite girls<33>

Hope you enjoyed reading :D I hope I can update more often~~ > <>
so see you next time~♪
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