♣ mad hatter with a haircut

 hat: f21 & bailey / dress: aa u neck dress

 cardigans: f21, vintage / tshirt: ?? / jeans: killcity / ankle cowboy boots: aldo / scarf: h&m / ring: xVELVETx
Got my hair trimmed again today with subtle changes. It was getting too long... I don't know if I will attempt long hair again. Sorry readers, I know this is suppose to be a beauty blog but I have not posted anything related to makeup lol. maybe next post? my daily routine is only base makeup, mascara, and lipstick... :[
p.s. for readers in T.O. who would like a cut, I can give you the number to my hairstylist. She is awsome.


  1. love the outfits and the haircut^^ so cute!

  2. lovely cut. Short hair is so hard to maintain! for styling purpose additional to the often trims. But i really like how edgy u look.

    Love the hat and the AA dress!

  3. LOVE your haircut! Thanks so much for the comment and compliment. Your skin is super flawless, you don't need any tips! Anyway, my tips would are pretty boring! Cleanse-tone-moisturise twice a day. I like to use a gentle cleanser, and only wear foundation for FOTDs or special occasions as they tend to irritate my skin. And my current skincare brands are Dermalogica and Fresh. How about you? Any tips? Your skin is amazing.

  4. oh very beautiful photos, love the outfit and your hair is adorable!

  5. your new haircut is so cute and edgy at the same time. i jsut realize you started blogging agin. - Welcome back :) i really like your outfit posts, wouldn't mind seeing more!

  6. hey Ai! I'm looking to cut my hair short too. I thought of trying out Cooneys, but it'd be great if you can give me the contact information of your hairstylist! :D


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