♪ Long time no see update Tsubaki Oil + Lise Watier Satellite

Sorry about the long absence of us! Me and Ai just finished our final project of the year 2 days ago, although I still have one essay left but it feels like nothing right now lol.
Lots have happened in the past few weeks, Ai somehow has lost in touch with me since two weeks ago so I hope she is doing ok :) I have also experienced a lot change in my life. I believe when God has closed a door on you; He will open a window for you somewhere else; and believing that tomorrow will be a better day.

Getting a little off the topic here, ok back to the fun stuff :) I have started using tsubaki (camellia) oil as a face massage oil since about 3 weeks ago; and I have really liked it so far. I did some research prior to starting it and apparently tsubaki oil is very close to the natural oil that our skin produces. I'm a huge believer in natural ingredients, and I happen to owe one bottle which I originally purchased for hair; however I have only used it once because it was way too oily for my hair type.

I use it 2 times a week after shower. The steps:
  • spray some spring water or your toner onto face
  • mix 3~4 drops of tsubaki oil and spring water/toner
  • apply to face and neck
  • massage~~~~
  • no need to apply more stuff and just go to bed :)

Usually I massage for about 5 mins; it's not a quick fix for any type of skin problem. It's more about improving the general texture of the skin.Definitely give it a try if you can get your hands on a bottle. From what I know Oshima is the most famous brand for tsubaki oil.

I naturally have quite fair skin, however I prefer the glowy and sun kissed look for summer; as the weather is getting warmer I have started using some bronzer; recently my favourite is the Lise Watier Satellite Soleil Doux; it's a subtle bronzer/blush/highlighter with quite fine texture. I'm using the old package; the new one is so much cuter~~ i couldn't find a new package pic of this shade.

I use the 3 colours outside on whole face; the white to highlight T-zone, under eye and cheek bone; and use the middle bronzer to contour my face. What I love about it is that the 3 outside colours have very nice sparkles while the bronzer is pretty much matt; I hate shiny/sparkling bronzonrs... cuz I use them to contour my face not only as blush.


  • Covermark concealer stick in Y-1
  • Mary Kay mineral foundation in Ivory 1
  • Lise Watier Satellite
  • Avon mineral blush in Radiance

I hope you enjoyed the update~~


♪ FOTD, HOTD & review some recent good finds!

First of all thank you everyone who sent me your regards! I have recovered.. for a while actually haha~ as Ai said it's been really busy for us lately so I havn't updated till today, I'm waiting for a friend so I'm taking a break from studying and doing this update hehehe~~ I have actually accumulated quite a lot FOTD's to update but since I also took pics today I'll use the fresh ones!

My bangs is finally long enough to be styled!! I can actually curl them without them falling on my face now haha~ meaning my bangs now blends in with the hair on two sides after I curl them :D Although this styling is really pretty rough, because I have so little time to get ready now, I actually just curled the bangs and some strands of my hair with a hot curler; this is a quick tip for days you have no time to curl the whole head but still wanna give some bounce to your hair. It also looks more natural than curling whole head :>

Eye makeup is super minimalist and basic, as I only used one colour of shadow on my lid, I made sure the lashes are full and eye liner is light enough. Here I'm still using my all time staple shadow, Cezanne Sweets Sweets perfect eye palatte, the earthy one I used many times in previous post.

Products used on eye:
  • Sweets Sweets perfect eye
  • Guerlain eye pencil in Bronze Noir N.7
  • Clinique high impact mascara

Here I wanna share a good powder I have recently purchased; it's the Physicians Formula Mineral Colour Correcting Powder; I have only used their bronzer before but since this product promises No talc, fragrance free, paraben free and the line in general is for sensitive skin; I decided to give it a try. I usually don't use powder, because the foundation I normally use is the Mary Kay mineral foundation which is already powdery; but since spring is here I have been trying to find a powder to lighten my base makeup.

Review ( ♪♪♪♪♪ being the perfect score!)

-Coverage ♪♪♪♪
It covers redness and oilyness really well; what I love about this one is that you can actually rub a little of the specific colour area to cover little area; i.e I used my finger to rub the green powder onto my pimple to give it extra coverage. However the powder is not fine enough for my expectation; you can click on the image to see more clearly; so after brushing on the powder I need to use another clean sponge to press my skin to make the powder more fitted (? couldn't find a better word) to my skin; otherwise it seems powery.

-Colour ♪♪
At first I was afraid it's going to be too white because there is only one selection of colour; btw if you are the type that likes white skin this would a really good product because it does brighten you skin a lot! But since I only use a powder brush to brush a thin layer on my skin after concealer, it mainly brightened my skin without making me look a few shades whiter. Still I worry if I can continue to use this product in summer because I like getting some tan in summer. For those of you who stays white all year round (like Ai! haha~ :p) you can give this product a try~

-Lasting power ♪♪♪♪
Its lasting power is super good like a mineral foundation; even my Mary Kay still leaves me grease at the end of the day; but these pics are taken after I came back from school after half a day of sitting in front of computer, walking outside, going window shopping etc. lol~~ there is still some oily spot at my T-zone (I'm super oily at T-zone) but other parts are still pretty good

Versatile colour correction, can be used on specific trouble area. Stays quite well throughout the day and does not seem powery; no talc; not irrating in any way so far.

Only one selection of colour; can be too white for some skin colour; the powder is not fine enough so needs extra step to press with a clean sponge.

It comes with a kind of cute brush, which I never used... I use my own powder brush because this brush is too soft and thin.

How it looks on my skin after school; I admit I have already blotted my T-zone a little.. haha~~ but you can still tell how the powder stayed all day and the natural coverage, it really does not seem powdery. You can click on the image to view bigger size, I have left this pic very big so you can see very clearly :>
  • Benefit Eye Bright pencil
  • Covermark concealer stick in Y-1
  • Physician formular colour correcting powder
  • Dior show blush in Catwalk pink
  • Guerlain terracotta moisturising bronzer in N.3
On the side note I bought this very spring pastel colour from Sally Hanson Hard as Nails polish called Fairy Nice; after Ai found out about this super cheap line which has many nice colours! I put on base+2 layers of Fairy Nice+ top coat; it's exactly the same colour with some more expensive line's new spring pastel lines but only cost $2, when it was on sale :DD

P.S the video which we said we'll make will have to be postponed to after April 19th, which is our final presentation day; sorry about the delay and we'll try to post as much as possible during these days so please check back at us~~ :D
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