♪ Long time no see update Tsubaki Oil + Lise Watier Satellite

Sorry about the long absence of us! Me and Ai just finished our final project of the year 2 days ago, although I still have one essay left but it feels like nothing right now lol.
Lots have happened in the past few weeks, Ai somehow has lost in touch with me since two weeks ago so I hope she is doing ok :) I have also experienced a lot change in my life. I believe when God has closed a door on you; He will open a window for you somewhere else; and believing that tomorrow will be a better day.

Getting a little off the topic here, ok back to the fun stuff :) I have started using tsubaki (camellia) oil as a face massage oil since about 3 weeks ago; and I have really liked it so far. I did some research prior to starting it and apparently tsubaki oil is very close to the natural oil that our skin produces. I'm a huge believer in natural ingredients, and I happen to owe one bottle which I originally purchased for hair; however I have only used it once because it was way too oily for my hair type.

I use it 2 times a week after shower. The steps:
  • spray some spring water or your toner onto face
  • mix 3~4 drops of tsubaki oil and spring water/toner
  • apply to face and neck
  • massage~~~~
  • no need to apply more stuff and just go to bed :)

Usually I massage for about 5 mins; it's not a quick fix for any type of skin problem. It's more about improving the general texture of the skin.Definitely give it a try if you can get your hands on a bottle. From what I know Oshima is the most famous brand for tsubaki oil.

I naturally have quite fair skin, however I prefer the glowy and sun kissed look for summer; as the weather is getting warmer I have started using some bronzer; recently my favourite is the Lise Watier Satellite Soleil Doux; it's a subtle bronzer/blush/highlighter with quite fine texture. I'm using the old package; the new one is so much cuter~~ i couldn't find a new package pic of this shade.

I use the 3 colours outside on whole face; the white to highlight T-zone, under eye and cheek bone; and use the middle bronzer to contour my face. What I love about it is that the 3 outside colours have very nice sparkles while the bronzer is pretty much matt; I hate shiny/sparkling bronzonrs... cuz I use them to contour my face not only as blush.


  • Covermark concealer stick in Y-1
  • Mary Kay mineral foundation in Ivory 1
  • Lise Watier Satellite
  • Avon mineral blush in Radiance

I hope you enjoyed the update~~


  1. wow, such a pretty glow. Do you know how much does that bronzer cost?

  2. Hi mei! yeah long time no see^^ i hope both of you are okay =) I'm loving bronzers now too and that bronzy look you did looks great on you =D you're so pretty!

  3. I hope things are okay with you and Ai!
    But Congrats on finishing your project and good luck with that one final essay.

    Your skin is glowing!!!

  4. I MISS YOU!
    Let's chat when you have time!
    You still look good with "a lot change in life"..haha

  5. KawaiiParadise: Thank you:)) and i believe the regular price is $29 (i think)
    locke & bunnyface: thank you so much~~ :D
    loretta: thank you and i miss you tooo~~~~~~ i believe girls should take care of themselves even more at this kind of time :>

  6. Welcome back Mai!! It's been a long time.
    Glad to know you're okay and that you're thinking positive even after a life changing experiences.

    Oshima tsubaki (camellia) oil sounds amazing. You're using natural ingredients and putting less products on your face.

    The bronzer looks really like on you. It's subtle and nice, a very natural glowing look.

    <3 Serena.

  7. oh satallite gives such a nice glow! too bad lise watier will burn a whole in the wallet!

  8. the oil sounds great! wise tips since Shiseido has a shampoo line with tsubaki.. why not use the oil itself!?

    the palette gives you a very lovely, natural glow I must say! time to dig out my bronzer again! i have a nars one.. it's too dark on me :(


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