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shoes - gee wa wa / shorts - topshop / sunglasses - tom ford / tote - muji

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My daily life this week. Lots of kitties as always... and food :D


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Maybe it's a sign that spring is coming soon. I want white everything.
asos sandals / ralph lauren leather tote / victoria secret crop tee / tory burch shorts

She so gorgeous. Love her outfit; super cute.

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♣ FOTD & Evan Healy Product Review

Hi everyone~ I have realized previously I posted the wrong draft ><... anyways content is the same just more pics.

(L: no makeup. FOTD lol., R: base makeup)

I have always been interested in natural products and wanted to use them instead of the products I was using. Unfortunately, my skin is sensitive and I have had breakouts and allergic reactions previously, so I was extremely hesitant to try again. I read reviews and researched on MUA prior to purchasing the products. Most reviews were positive so I decided to give Evan Healy a try. I initially bought the Blue face care kit and the Tea tree gel cleaner to test how my skin adapts. After 2 weeks I am hooked and now using their entire line of skincare.

Daily Skin Care & Blue Face Care Kit:
This kit is designed for all skin and especially the sensitive skin, which was perfect for me. It includes the Lavender Cleansing Milk, Lavender Facial Tonic Hydrosol, Rosehip Facial serum (blue), Green tea clay, and the chamomile day moisturizer. The quantity of the kit will last you approximately 2 weeks; it's mini sizes. I am going to review each of the products individually, so see below :)

Lavender Cleansing Milk:
I think it smells like lavender, if you are not use to natural ingredients then it might smell a bit funky; according to my bf… I am a fan of face wash that lathers/foams and I don’t feel clean unless it lathers, so this is a big switch for me. All my foaming cleansers made my skin feel a bit dry after and all my previous milk cleansers made me feel too moisturized. I don’t know how it could be possible but this cleanser didn’t strip my skin and made me feel that it was clean at the same time. After washing, my skin feels like it doesn’t need anything else – shocking I know.

Lavender Facial Tonics Hydrosol:
This is a “toner” so to speak but not exactly. Similar to the technique of distilling essential oils, the hydrosol is distilled using fresh lavender instead of dried lavender, and the end result is water instead of essential oil. This is serves the same purpose as the avene thermal water I was previously using. It is to balance the ph level of the skin, but apparently the hydrosol also promotes cell repair, refreshed and tones the skin tissue on top of balancing the ph level. All I have to say is, the smell is relaxing and after misting my face with it, my skin is ultra smooth.

Rosehip Facial Serum – Blue:
It is stated as a serum, but it’s actually facial oil. It is extremely light and does not clog my pores. I applied it to my face after the hydrosol, then remist with the hydrosol for better absorption. The serum works to fade hyper-pigmentation, minimize and soften scars, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to balance excessively oily skin, minimize the appearance of pores, detoxify skin prone to pimples, and a whole a lot of other benefits that I won’t be listing... I don’t usually need lotion after applying the serum. This serum actually calms my skin down and yes… it smells like flowers.  

Chamomile Day Moisturizer:
To be completely honest I don’t use this much, not because I don’t like it, most days I don’t feel dry so I don’t layer another lotion on. Stated on their site the lotion will calm and smooth sensitive, allergic, sunburned, and/or inflamed skin. The lotion does apply very smoothly and absorbs into the skin nicely, does not sit on the surface of your skin like many other “natural” lotions. I do think in the colder months I will be using this more frequently, I switched skincare when the weather was getting semi-warmer. Lastly, this is a great makeup base/primer because foundation/powder sits on top nicely and you have a healthy glow.

Green Tea Clay:
I have been a fan of clay masks since the Pur Mineral Mudd Masque (The Mudd Masque will be a completely different review though… later). Difference between the Green Tea clay mask and Mudd Masque is that the Green Tea clay is a powder you have to mix with water to create a paste versus the Mudd Masque which can be used upon squeezing it out of the tube. I personally like the Green Tea clay better even if it takes an extra step prior to applying it to my face, the mask smells like Matcha green tea (yummy) plus you can control the consistency of the mask. On the days that I need minor exfoliation then I could create a thinner textured mask, and you can even combine it with the Lavender cleansing milk to create a scrub.  

Extra Products:

Tea Tree Gel Cleanser:
I bought this because I like cleansers that foam; it smells strongly of like tea tree. The cleanser lathers extremely well and leaves the skin comfortable, but I made the mistake of using too much and I did get a reaction to it. I had small bumps on my face that went away in a week or two. I must state that it is extremely rare for people to be allergic to tea tree oil though, sadly I am one hahahah. When I use it now I make sure I dilute the gel and my skin did not ever have a reaction to it again.

Pomegranate Repair Serum:
This is an extra item I bought, because it is better for fading pigmentation and hydration. I use this serum if my skin feels dry or after using the clay mask to give it more moisture. The serum is thicker in consistency compared to the Rosehip facial serum. Stated on their site the serum is to boost restoration and repair of the skin, evens skin tone, contributes to collagen production, helps reverse the damage of sun exposure, scavenges free radicals, and assist the skin in healing both new and old scars.

Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf:
This item I originally wanted to give it to my mom, but I ended up splitting the jar with her. This is actually whipped raw Shea butter, it is not a lotion. Whipped Shea butter has the consistency of whipped cream and has fatty acids, cinnamic acid, vitamins C, E and K. You can use it as a makeup remover, mask, or a moisturizer – it is truly a multipurpose product. I actually use this as a mask at night; I apply it to my skin followed by hot towelling twice or 3 times prior to wiping the mask off with the towel. It leaves my skin oh-so-smooth and no need to use lotion afterwards.

Blemish Treatment Roll-On:
I honestly don’t know how this works or how it makes my pimples go away but it does. For those who think it is tea tree oil, it isn’t. Stated on their website the ingredients are a mixture of oils. I have applied the treatment oil on my pimples that are about to come out and somehow they just heal and go away. I can testify it works because it did the same for my bf. For him the oil stings but for me it does not, only if it was an open wound. It smells amazing but my bf does not think so – it smells like herbs. Amazing, because I never had a blemish treatment that can stop the incoming pimples.

This is just my experience with the products and I did have a period of adjustment. I have heard over and over again from dermatologists that the less you put on your skin the better for your skin. I have previously thought what kind of crazy person would want to put less product on their face; I want to help my skin and maintain it with the products. I didn't want to give up my products being too attached obviously and didn't realize that sensitive skin appreciates less products ahahaha... I did have pimples when I started putting less product because pores that were previously clogged needed to detox. Many products for blemishes puts a halt on the pores that are clogged so it doesn't develop into a pimple, but the problem is that pore stays clogged. When you stop using the product the clogged pore will turn into a pimple, which is why sometimes you think you are having a reaction or a product is giving you pimples. The situation I just stated does not apply to every pimple you get, it is just that for myself that was the case. When I started using less/Evan Healy products on my face, I did have some pimples or detox happening but that was only for 2 weeks now my skin is clear and no more pimples :) I can honestly say I sometimes go out without make up hahaha... I know that's visually horrible and my skin still has some pigmentation that needs to fade but no makeup feels really good. 

Here is my morning and evening routine, I hope this is helpful~

- Hot towel and wipe my face (just to get rid of... you know crusty eyes and what not hahahah)
- Spray Lavender hydrosol
- Apply 1 pump of Rosehip serum
- Remist with Lavender hydrosol  
- Apply Chamomile moisturizer to areas still feeling dry   

- Remove makeup
- Cleanse with Lavender cleansing milk
- Steam face for approximately 2 - 3  min
- Apply Rosehip serum
- Hot towel face, 2 - 3 times
- Spray Lavender hydrosol
- Apply eye cream  

Night with Clay mask:
- Remove makeup
- Cleanse with Lavender cleansing milk
- Steam face for approximately 2 - 3  min
- Hot towel face, 2 - 3 times
- Apply clay mask, wash off when it's completely dry (approx. 15 - 30 min)
- Spray Lavender hydrosol
Apply Rosehip serum
- Remist with Lavender hydrosol
- Apply eye cream  

Night with Whipped Shea butter mask: 
- Remove makeup
- Cleanse with Lavender cleansing milk
- Steam face for approximately 2 - 3  min
- Apply Whipped Shea butter, wait 15 min
- Hot towel face, 2 times with the Shea butter still on face, last time wipe off any excess Shea butter
- Spray Lavender hydrosol 
- Apply eye cream  

p.s. I basically do not use lotion on my face.

Wo... that was a long update. If anyone has questions on how I use the products or anything just leave a comment. I'll get back to you :)

Life update: I am using this GIF app, it's so cuteee. Plus I met up with Mei recently :)


♣ unrelated comic post.

Hi readers (if there are any...)!!! I know this has been a very long hiatus. Since both me and mei are working now it's harder to find time to post. Update!! I recently started a cafe, so now I look ugly daily running around the kitchen. Mei found a job and her travelling time to work is 2 hours... little sleep and little time to do other things; ie: update blog. None-the-less we have promised to update regularly regardless of our schedules.

Sadly this post is still going to be unrelated to beauty hahah... I promise it's cute though.

I have been doing random comic strips about my daily life. Hope you guys like it :)

-> click for full size

Talk to you guys soon~
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