♣ unrelated comic post.

Hi readers (if there are any...)!!! I know this has been a very long hiatus. Since both me and mei are working now it's harder to find time to post. Update!! I recently started a cafe, so now I look ugly daily running around the kitchen. Mei found a job and her travelling time to work is 2 hours... little sleep and little time to do other things; ie: update blog. None-the-less we have promised to update regularly regardless of our schedules.

Sadly this post is still going to be unrelated to beauty hahah... I promise it's cute though.

I have been doing random comic strips about my daily life. Hope you guys like it :)

-> click for full size

Talk to you guys soon~


  1. the comic is so cute :) yeah, waiting for your updates guys, we missed you!

  2. cafe! Congrats! would love to have a peek at your cafe!


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