♪ Nic nic's Super Giveaway!

This post is to tell all our readers about the Giveaway from Nic nic of http://bangbangsheshoots.blogspot.com/

This is the first time I'm perticipating in a giveaway :DD I have to say Nic nic has really good taste in picking out stuff, lol~~~ everything is either the star product of that line or simply looks really good! She's doing this giveaway to celebrate the opening of her online beauty shop a pop of kawaii.com, Congratulations~~~!!

Visit her store here~~♪ (click on the image please)

Different prizes of the giveaway, she's picking out 6 winners!! :DD

Be sure to check out her blog and her beauty shop~~~:DD
Hopefully I can be one of the winners~~♪


♪ Canmake "curl keep" lengthening mascara base

This mascara base had really good ranking on http://www.cosme.net (Japan's Makeupalley) when I bought it, which was this winter. I didn't go through my Kate mascara base until recently so I finally started using this. All images can be clicked on to enlarge.

Full name: Canmake Curl Styling Base- curl keep & long
I was changing my sheets that day so you are looking at the bare mattress lol

The formula (sorry about the lash that got stuck in between = =;; I'm losing my lashes damn it..)
a gel-like formula with lots fibre
After curling my lashes + 2 coats of the base
the formula is quite thin, comparing to Lancome or Lise Watier mascara base (both very good mascara base in a creamy formula) you need to at least apply 2 coats to have the product grabbing on the lashes.
the formular is very light; so it keeps the curl very well, doesn't weight the curl down at all
With mascara
the mascara goes on pretty smoothly; you can see a little clumps because my mascara is old... lol i used Fasio Hyper-stay mascara (curl volume)
the lashes do harden after this base, so the curl stays all day. I actually went drinking that day and slept over with the mascara on... ewww i know! but my friend didn't have waterproof makeup remover! and the curl was still there when i woke up~~!

Finished look with eyebrows, can you tell I did something different with my eyebrow? It's sharper than how i normally draw it~~ the good thing about having light eyebrow is I can change it to anything I want lol :P
There has been a few people asking me about my eyebrows; the reason they are light is because .. I just have very little hair in general.. lol, hence hair, lashes, eyebrow... they are kinda non-existing if i don't draw them.. but if you like the light eyebrow look, check out Ai's eyebrow bleaching tutorial here ~ http://aimeidaily.blogspot.com/2010/01/tutorial-eyebrow-bleaching.html
General rating (5 being the highest):
Curl keep: ♪♪♪♪+
Lengthening: ♪♪♪+
Would I repurchase? Yes
The mascara
Fasio hyper-stay, personally i think it's one of the best mascara i'v ever used. I have went through at least 3,4 tubes so far, it's very seperating, volumizing and black, it also holds curl quite well; however it's very very very hard to remove... lol.. on the other hand hard to smudge and I'm pretty sure you can cry a river with this stuff on and the mascara would stay where they were lol
so do try it out if you don't mind the removing part :P I use Lancome Bi-facil or Softymo Super Point makeup remover, both works for this mascara :)


♪ New glasses look! + FOTD

I got new glasses~~ I lost my old one at our lab the night I finished my final project lol, I think I was way too out of it to notice anything but I'm glad it stayed with me till the project finished... otherwise~~ > <
My old pair was the black framed ones everyone owns.. I got so bored of it so I decided to go with metal frame which makes me look more like an office lady (I think, lol) I think this will be great for interviews haha~~ cuz I look much smarter and more mature :PActually I hate to wear glasses cuz I look sooo nerdy in them... so please be prepared before you scroll down . . .

Nerdy face with glasses... pls ignore the hair... = =;;

I can't really call this "Tip for makeup for glasses" cuz I don't like my face in glasses = = but I can share some thoughts on it... if anyone has good makeup tips for glasses please teach me~

When I'm wearing glasses it either means I have too little time to do anything to my face or I didn't sleep.. lol but at least I still have eye makeup in this picture~ but no matter how little time you have, undereye concealer is a MUST when wearing glasses because glasses, just like hats also cast shadows and make your dark circles darker! Another annoying thing about near-sighted glasses is they make your eyes appear smaller, especially the ones with nose pads (like the ones I'm wearing here) cuz the lens is farther away from your eyes than the plastic ones; so I always try to at least put on eyeliner. I usually wear noticable lipstick when I'm wearing glasses cuz they do make your face more plain = =

What I'm wearing
  • Zara sheer cotton shirt
  • Urban Outfitters ripped jeans
  • animal print pumps
  • vintage straw bag
  • my new glass :p

FOTD, my usual makeup and NYX round lipstick in Tea, a brownish nude tone :D

In conclusion... I prefer me without glasses,, lol

See you next time! :D


♪ Makeup & hair for hats

I love hats! I have an obsession with accessories such as hats, scarfs, belts etc, I actually took these pics days ago, I was planning to do a video tutorial but since it hasn't been done yet, I thought I would post this on blogger first :)

Makeup for hats should focus on:

  • under eye concealer
  • bottom eye makeup
Hats tend to cast shadow to darken your black circle so concealer is a key (however I hate to wear loads of concealer so you can still see some darkness under my eyes); and for the same reason we need to add more impact on our bottom eye line. I prefer using shimmer liner or wet a shadow to do my bottom liner instead of harsh black liner or liquid liner because it is for day time after all :) and don't forget to do bottom lashes~

Eye products

  • Guerlain shadow Touche de Bronze N.280
  • Guerlain Divinora eye pencil (shimmer) Bronze Noir N.7
  • Clinique high impact mascara

Hair for hats should be styled after wearing the hat, you need to make extra volume with the hair thats showing to balance the top visually; your hair easily looks flat with a hat so don't think hats are only to save the bad hair days! You still need to style them~!
I usually use hot rollers after wearing the hat, and of course hair sprays to set and add volume.

Army style hat: I loved this hat in winter & fall, but Toronto somehow got reeeeally cold last week :<

This spring/summer's hot item: Boater hat

An OOTD with boater hat :D

What I'm wearing:

  • LDS boater hat
  • H&M border shirt
  • Urban Outfitter ripped jeans
  • Vintage belt
  • Lowry's Farm wedge shoes with ankle strap


♪ Hair tutorial: Horizontal curl (Mei's first video!)

This Spring/Summer the biggest trend with hair style is Horizontal Curl (平巻き) basically it just means to hold your culer flat (parallel to floor) when you are curling the hair instead of vertically.
I found two really cute drawings explaining the difference.

Horizontal Curl

Vertical Curl

The result can look quite different depending on the length of your hair and the way you style it;

The curls you get from Horizontal curl looks more soft and subtle than Vertical curl or Mixed curl; it's more cute and is good for day look; on the other hand Vertical or Mixed curl is good to achieve a more "gorgeous" look

Here is the video tutorial I did for this hair, this is my first video~~:D Subscribe me if you like it :DD

Finaly the eye make today :D I hope you liked the video and tell me your suggestions~!


♪ Aimei's... Mei's lonely blog (; - ; )

First of all I have an annoucement to make: Ai has officially disappeared... lol temporarily hopefully. She hasn't gotten in touch with me since our final project due, I'm thinking maybe she has gone to some romantic trip with her bf or?? Actually I know she does this disappearance thing once in a while depending on her mood... lol so hopefully she'll come back to us soon... So it seems like Aimei will be hosted by Mei from now for a while... please support me still~~ And please come back soon or get in touch with me Ai~~~~ and hope you are ok!!
Summer has come!! My summer resolution will be

  • Getting an internship
  • basically work... lol
  • going to trip with friends
  • update blog more often !!
  • start video log

:DD There are some overdue FOTDs (HOTD OOTD)

I stayed at my good friends house these days and her apartment has the best lighting for pictures! lol I even played with the lighting balance a little on Photoshop- something I don't normally do lol, cuz the light was so beautiful~~ anyway this is a simple look I did for outtings with the girls

This summer's most IN look is:

  • clean shadow+ dolly lashes
  • minimal liner
  • thick brows
  • dwey skin
  • inner curl for hair
  • make up is basically nude nude nude!!

Face makeup

  • Biothem Forget it concealer
  • Skin 79 BB cream
  • Guerlain blush


  • Concealer
  • Maybeline Moisture extreme in Nude Blush

Another FOTD, super basic day look, no fake lashes or lipstick. And this is the usual super dull lighting of my bedroom... lol

OOTD again at my friend's super good lighting lakeshore room, please excuse the messiness we created lol
This summer's fashion point:

  • Agian nude nude nude! lol
  • basically light: light colour light material
  • grass weave items: hats, handbags ...


  • Cotten shirt from Forever21
  • Cotten slack shorts from Zara
  • Vintage weaved belt
  • Vintage grass weave bag
  • Nude patent leather pumps from Lowry's Farm

At last my tired face from 1 min before this post lol very recent FOTD right?! lol,, I'm now writing this post in bed looking like this... smudged eye make with greasy hair :PPP

Going shower now~~~ see you next time!!

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