♪ Canmake "curl keep" lengthening mascara base

This mascara base had really good ranking on http://www.cosme.net (Japan's Makeupalley) when I bought it, which was this winter. I didn't go through my Kate mascara base until recently so I finally started using this. All images can be clicked on to enlarge.

Full name: Canmake Curl Styling Base- curl keep & long
I was changing my sheets that day so you are looking at the bare mattress lol

The formula (sorry about the lash that got stuck in between = =;; I'm losing my lashes damn it..)
a gel-like formula with lots fibre
After curling my lashes + 2 coats of the base
the formula is quite thin, comparing to Lancome or Lise Watier mascara base (both very good mascara base in a creamy formula) you need to at least apply 2 coats to have the product grabbing on the lashes.
the formular is very light; so it keeps the curl very well, doesn't weight the curl down at all
With mascara
the mascara goes on pretty smoothly; you can see a little clumps because my mascara is old... lol i used Fasio Hyper-stay mascara (curl volume)
the lashes do harden after this base, so the curl stays all day. I actually went drinking that day and slept over with the mascara on... ewww i know! but my friend didn't have waterproof makeup remover! and the curl was still there when i woke up~~!

Finished look with eyebrows, can you tell I did something different with my eyebrow? It's sharper than how i normally draw it~~ the good thing about having light eyebrow is I can change it to anything I want lol :P
There has been a few people asking me about my eyebrows; the reason they are light is because .. I just have very little hair in general.. lol, hence hair, lashes, eyebrow... they are kinda non-existing if i don't draw them.. but if you like the light eyebrow look, check out Ai's eyebrow bleaching tutorial here ~ http://aimeidaily.blogspot.com/2010/01/tutorial-eyebrow-bleaching.html
General rating (5 being the highest):
Curl keep: ♪♪♪♪+
Lengthening: ♪♪♪+
Would I repurchase? Yes
The mascara
Fasio hyper-stay, personally i think it's one of the best mascara i'v ever used. I have went through at least 3,4 tubes so far, it's very seperating, volumizing and black, it also holds curl quite well; however it's very very very hard to remove... lol.. on the other hand hard to smudge and I'm pretty sure you can cry a river with this stuff on and the mascara would stay where they were lol
so do try it out if you don't mind the removing part :P I use Lancome Bi-facil or Softymo Super Point makeup remover, both works for this mascara :)


  1. Hi Mei~ wow, the mascara base is superb! I'm currently using Etude house Oh~ m'eye lash petticoat, its also a mascara base, and I'm loving it ^^ thanks for sharing! love your eyes and your lashes^^ xoxo

  2. I think it might work! Maybe I should give it a try 2! Love you blog btw =D

  3. CANMAKE!! I'm dying to try some products from CANMAKE. I'm still on the hunt. No luck so far right now though. Hopefully I'll get my hands on some soon though... I don't know where or how but I hope soon.

    Your lashes look really nice.
    That mascara applicator is soo cool! Why don't they have mascara applicators like that in the U.S.!? I love the comb. I've actually never got a chance to try anything like that yet. {*hehe}

    <3s Serena.

  4. thanks Locke and fashionstoned :D
    Serena: canmake has so many good stuff hey? :D nic nic opened a online beauty store where you can get Canmake :DD apopofkawaii.com


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