♪ Nic nic's Super Giveaway!

This post is to tell all our readers about the Giveaway from Nic nic of http://bangbangsheshoots.blogspot.com/

This is the first time I'm perticipating in a giveaway :DD I have to say Nic nic has really good taste in picking out stuff, lol~~~ everything is either the star product of that line or simply looks really good! She's doing this giveaway to celebrate the opening of her online beauty shop a pop of kawaii.com, Congratulations~~~!!

Visit her store here~~♪ (click on the image please)

Different prizes of the giveaway, she's picking out 6 winners!! :DD

Be sure to check out her blog and her beauty shop~~~:DD
Hopefully I can be one of the winners~~♪


  1. Hi Mei~ hope you win^^ Goodluck!

  2. hii , i wanted to post a blog post about her giveaway too, but i know you have to leave her a comment with some info, how did you comment on her post? i couldn't find a button to comment anywhere =(

  3. thank u locke~~ :D
    hi an~ in her blog instead of saying comment it says 笑at bottom of each entry, hope this helps :)

  4. nice.. i like her prizes too! (looks expensive hehe)


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