♪ Makeup & hair for hats

I love hats! I have an obsession with accessories such as hats, scarfs, belts etc, I actually took these pics days ago, I was planning to do a video tutorial but since it hasn't been done yet, I thought I would post this on blogger first :)

Makeup for hats should focus on:

  • under eye concealer
  • bottom eye makeup
Hats tend to cast shadow to darken your black circle so concealer is a key (however I hate to wear loads of concealer so you can still see some darkness under my eyes); and for the same reason we need to add more impact on our bottom eye line. I prefer using shimmer liner or wet a shadow to do my bottom liner instead of harsh black liner or liquid liner because it is for day time after all :) and don't forget to do bottom lashes~

Eye products

  • Guerlain shadow Touche de Bronze N.280
  • Guerlain Divinora eye pencil (shimmer) Bronze Noir N.7
  • Clinique high impact mascara

Hair for hats should be styled after wearing the hat, you need to make extra volume with the hair thats showing to balance the top visually; your hair easily looks flat with a hat so don't think hats are only to save the bad hair days! You still need to style them~!
I usually use hot rollers after wearing the hat, and of course hair sprays to set and add volume.

Army style hat: I loved this hat in winter & fall, but Toronto somehow got reeeeally cold last week :<

This spring/summer's hot item: Boater hat

An OOTD with boater hat :D

What I'm wearing:

  • LDS boater hat
  • H&M border shirt
  • Urban Outfitter ripped jeans
  • Vintage belt
  • Lowry's Farm wedge shoes with ankle strap


  1. so pretty! i like your eye makeup, it's simple but compliments your eyes really nicely :) your outfit looks cute and comfy! hehe i missed reading your blog, it's good to be back now that i have time to read blogs again! yay! <33

  2. Hi Mei~ ooh,nice outfit! Love the make up and the boater hat xoxo

  3. nice outfit and ur lashes are excellent
    love the boater hat

  4. You're totally rocking that boater hat!! You look like a model straight out of CanCam j-mag <3

  5. great makeup for hats!!! i havent wore my lovely hat yet.. i definitely want to buy another hat this summer! <3 outfit - yay to rolled up jeans XD

    ryc -I believe my sister is taking hair and skin supplement called Perfectil :)

  6. Hats suits you :)



  7. So many new posts!
    Now I want to have long hair after watching the video, but my hair is opposite to yours, too much volume is also a problem, especially when it's long.
    You seems losing weight!
    Miss you~ haha

  8. your boater hat outfit is sooo adorable! and thanks for the tip!! i think my eyes get washed out because I don't focus on lining the bottom of my eyes when i wear a hat... but what I dislike the most is that my nose completely disappears under a hat cuz of my non-existent bridge :p any tips on making it more prominent?! (no plastic surgery please =P)

  9. thanks guys!:DDD
    superwoolu: i think you are right sometimes hats can flatten your nose somehow, but so far i don't find it too big a problem, however i think lightly contouring your nose would help to define it under the hat. I don't normally do this step but check out this awesome blogger's tutorial cuz she contours her nose in some of her videos she's really good at it! :D
    you probably know her already :)

  10. i love how you curl your hair :) and your eyes are soo pretty! love the lenses on you as well

  11. nice outfit!!! love the hats!


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