♪ New glasses look! + FOTD

I got new glasses~~ I lost my old one at our lab the night I finished my final project lol, I think I was way too out of it to notice anything but I'm glad it stayed with me till the project finished... otherwise~~ > <
My old pair was the black framed ones everyone owns.. I got so bored of it so I decided to go with metal frame which makes me look more like an office lady (I think, lol) I think this will be great for interviews haha~~ cuz I look much smarter and more mature :PActually I hate to wear glasses cuz I look sooo nerdy in them... so please be prepared before you scroll down . . .

Nerdy face with glasses... pls ignore the hair... = =;;

I can't really call this "Tip for makeup for glasses" cuz I don't like my face in glasses = = but I can share some thoughts on it... if anyone has good makeup tips for glasses please teach me~

When I'm wearing glasses it either means I have too little time to do anything to my face or I didn't sleep.. lol but at least I still have eye makeup in this picture~ but no matter how little time you have, undereye concealer is a MUST when wearing glasses because glasses, just like hats also cast shadows and make your dark circles darker! Another annoying thing about near-sighted glasses is they make your eyes appear smaller, especially the ones with nose pads (like the ones I'm wearing here) cuz the lens is farther away from your eyes than the plastic ones; so I always try to at least put on eyeliner. I usually wear noticable lipstick when I'm wearing glasses cuz they do make your face more plain = =

What I'm wearing
  • Zara sheer cotton shirt
  • Urban Outfitters ripped jeans
  • animal print pumps
  • vintage straw bag
  • my new glass :p

FOTD, my usual makeup and NYX round lipstick in Tea, a brownish nude tone :D

In conclusion... I prefer me without glasses,, lol

See you next time! :D


  1. Hi Mei~ with or without glasses, you're still cute and pretty! as always, love your make up and your outfit ^_^ xoxo

  2. You can really pull the glasses look off, you look really good in them!I just look like a librarian crossed with an owl.

  3. hi hi,

    thank you :)

    so many people asked me what kind of nationality i am :DDD
    i mixed with thai(dad) and german(mom) :)

    yeah we will see what the poll is going to say soon :)
    if its still going to be in german
    u can use the translator on my page
    but maybe in 1-2 years im going to change
    into english i think ;)

  4. I like the glasses :) Cute OOTD!

  5. your glasses are so chic and so are you! :D

  6. I think you look good either way =) your hair is always perfect xD and id love to know how you do your eyebrows, i like that light brown look but don't know if its possible with black eyebrowns..


  7. You look good in glasses and cute outfit :)



  8. I need to get me some glasses too =__= Nooooo!! Just for reading though. My bf thinks I look cute in glasses haha! I prefer no glasses too.

  9. i think the shape looks good on you!

  10. Your style is really cute ^.^

  11. cute glasses! i def dislike wearing glasses too haha


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