♪ Hair tutorial: Horizontal curl (Mei's first video!)

This Spring/Summer the biggest trend with hair style is Horizontal Curl (平巻き) basically it just means to hold your culer flat (parallel to floor) when you are curling the hair instead of vertically.
I found two really cute drawings explaining the difference.

Horizontal Curl

Vertical Curl

The result can look quite different depending on the length of your hair and the way you style it;

The curls you get from Horizontal curl looks more soft and subtle than Vertical curl or Mixed curl; it's more cute and is good for day look; on the other hand Vertical or Mixed curl is good to achieve a more "gorgeous" look

Here is the video tutorial I did for this hair, this is my first video~~:D Subscribe me if you like it :DD

Finaly the eye make today :D I hope you liked the video and tell me your suggestions~!


  1. Wow~ you look so angelic and gorgeous!<3
    I love this tutorial and can't wait to try it out!

    Thanks, Mei!

    And can I ask you were you got your bat-winged white top in your video? It's so light-looking~ Ideal for the summer!^____^


    Miss. P

  2. Hi Mei! ooh, kawaii desu ne! i love your look ^_^
    will subscribe to your channel~ please do make up tutorial videos, fashion, skincare, anything that you can share to us ^_^ xoxo

  3. cool tutorial! the curls look really cute on you :D thanks for adding me as frd and subbing me too - i've added you back ^^ looking forward to seeing more tutorials!! You should do a voice one XD

  4. Awesome tut! I did this type of horizontal curls before but didn't know there was a specific name! Now I do.

    This type of hair style suits you so well, you look so sweet *^^*

  5. Thank you guys for supporting me! i'll make more videos~ :DD
    Miss P: the top is actually from japan... sorry to disappoint u but im sure there are lots things like this since summer is here!!

  6. Im trying out the curls tomor! i subscribed too!! make more videos soon!

  7. Hiya, great video. I've nominated you for an award on my blog!

  8. Lovely! great job with the tutorial. btw your little drawings are adorable! :D

  9. Ooooh horizontal curls, thanks for sharing! Your eye makeup is lovely. Will watch your vid!

  10. love the look! Im shopping around for a curling iron, so i was wondering what's the model of yours and what size is it? thanks ^^

  11. Thanks guys!:D
    Eva: the curler i use is Conair in 1 1/2", sorry i don't know the model but it's your regular drug store roller! I probalby should invest on a better one since i curl my hair almost everyday lol~


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