♣ Ai' FOTD: DAY 6 (Lipstick-A-Day)

Not much of an update I would say >< (sorry readers...) 
Just showing my FOTD/my face.

On a day-to-day basis my makeup is very simple and easy to do. This is basically what I look like on a normal day. 
(wearing GEO Ash Wing circle lenses)

- Line top and bottom lash line with a peach-gold shimmer eyeliner; here I used Jumbo Pencil from Sephora in Flesh. 
- Apply mascara: 2 coats of Maybelline Full N' Soft waterproof mascara and 2 coats of Sephora Lash plumper mascara. (curl lashes prior to applying mascara)
*For those who are tight on time in the morning, lining the top and bottom lash line with a colour liner or shimmer liner will create interest and dramatize your eyes. It takes longer to apply black eyeliner versus colour/shimmer liners, because black eyeliner requires precision and careful application. You never want your black eyeliner to smudge (unless its smokey eye), but it really doesn't matter if your shimmer liner smudges. If you are lazy like me, you should definitely include different type of liners in your makeup routine.


Another wonderful peachy nude lipstick; NYX Round lipstick in Frappucino. It is a colour you can use everyday. I find NYX Round lipsticks a little more drying than the Rimmel lipsticks, but they are great for their price ($2) and pigmentation is consistent. To keep you lips moisturized, remember to apply vaseline or lip balm prior to applying the lipstick. 

Base makeup:
After preping my skin, I mix Clarins UV Plus sunscreen (spf 40) with La Roche-Posay Toleriane corrective fluid foundation and apply it all over my face, then I proceed to conceal any imperfections with La Roche foundation. This foundation covers redness like no other and it is a full coverage foundation, any minor imperfections can be easily covered.

That's all~ Have fun <3


♪ Mei's FOTD Tutorial: False lashes that look like your own!

Today's look is super easy; still using false lashes, but today I will only use top lash; and since it's a natural look for daytime, the main point is to make the falsies look real :D

The false lashes I'm using today is Ardell 108; do they look kind of short to you? The perfect natural false lashes is about 2~3mm longer than your natural lashes; don't worry about it being not long enough. Because false lashes have a much better and even distribution and nicer curve, once they are applied, they still add lots length and volume to my real lashes, without looking overdone. They are perfect for daytime; I always use these when I don't have time for sculpting (lol, I'm not kidding) my lashes with mascara but still want to look good, AND natural :D

Steps for eyes:

  • a basic earthy shadow with shimmer for upper lid
  • highlight inner corner
  • line upper lashline very closely, point: don't go past your eyeline for a more natural look :)
  • curl lashes
  • apply false lashes; be sure to trim them ahead of time so they are juuuust about 2~3mm longer than your actual eyeline.
  • apply mascara to combine the real and the fake :P
  • starting from the end of top lash line, line 1/2 of the bottom eyeline. Make sure to rim them out a bit so the corner part connect visually. But we don't need to do the little triangle here, which is introduced in a previous post. http://aimeidaily.blogspot.com/2010/01/testing.html Basically the rule for bottom liner for a natural day look is no falsies= do triangle, falsies= no triangle. LOL I feel like I'm talking codes here! Please refer to this post, the part for bottom liner.
Please excuse me for my blood shot eyeball... I use these eye drops, which helps reduce redness; however I have to say I find it too blurry... Does anyone have same experience with eye drops? That when they are reeeeally moisturising, you have blurry vision for a while and it just feels weird...
Lycee eye drop from Rohto

View when eyes are closed; if you look closely, it's actually coming off a little in the middle lol! I didn't notice at all until I took this pic! Of course I fixed it after hoho~

Any natural colour moisturising lipstick or lip gloss would do in this look; I'm using Cover FX Lip FX lipstick in Rose blush; it comes with lip balm on the other end; it's a very moisturising lipstick but I think the price is a little high...

Products I used for base makeup:

  • Covermark Bright Up concealer stick in Y-1
  • Mary Kay mineral foundation in Ivory 1
  • Avon mineral blush in Radiance

A little closer up, can you tell I'm wearing fake lashes? :D

I hope you found this tutorial useful :D
Have fun~ <3


♣ On-The-Go Makeup Tutorial

Sorry everyone >'''<... I have been MIA for a while due to reading week, road trip, and my birthday.

While staying at my boyfriend's place I only had 2 items for eye makeup; a quad eyeshadow palette and a glitter eyeliner. For this tutorial I created 5 different looks with the 2 items.
Base makeup includes concealer, blush, and mascara.

On to the tutorial!!!

A,B,C,D: Maybelline Exper Wear Eyeshadow in Sunlit Bronze
E: Lise Watier Eye Glitter Liner in Cognac

"DAY 1"


(wearing GEO Honey Wing circle lenses)
This is a natural look by using eyeshadow to contour your eyes

Face & Lips:
For all the looks I used the blush previously mentioned here. Being consistent with the natural look I used a nude-pink lipstick; I am using Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Airy Fairy. This was my first Rimmel lipstick purchase, it gives great pigmentation and keeps your lips moisturized :D.

"DAY 2" 


(wearing GEO Honey Wing circle lenses)
To create a dolly look; emphasizing (contouring) the outer corner of your eyes with the darkest shadow (D) to create drama and dimension.

Face & Lips:

With eyes being the focus I used a nude lipstick; Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Nude Delight. Being pale I generally deter from nude lipsticks, since they tend to make me look sickly. This lipstick has a peachy undertone which works my complexion and it is more moisturizing than the Lasting Finish Rimmel lipsticks.

"DAY 3"


(wearing GEO Angel brown circle lenses)
To create this look; contour using (D) at outer corner of eyes then glitter liner is used. Create some drama with the bling bling. Some people might find glitter liners too much to wear during the day but when it is not overdone, it will give your eyes a dreamy effect. I wore this look on my birthday :P.

Face & Lips:
To balance out the eyes I used a nude lipstick; Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Nude Delight.

"DAY 4"

(wearing GEO Honey Wing circle lenses)
Cute look with emphasis on the bottom lash line using bronze shadow (B) and glitter liner (E).

Face & Lips:
To top of the cute eye makeup I used a peach lipstick; Lancome Rouge Absolu Creme lipstick in Peach. I think this was my first lipstick lol. It smells gorgeous and have great coverage/pigmentation, but have potential to break your wallet. 

"DAY 5"

(wearing GEO Nudy brown circle lenses)
Girly and cute look with the use of punch colour (C) and glitter liner (E)

Face & Lips:
Adding a little colour on the lips with a berry lipstick, here I am using Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Just So. It is the perfect shade for that "just pinched" lip colour.

Have fun <3 


♪ Earthy nude makeup look

This is a look that has a little edge to it; I wore this to attend my friend's fashion show. It's great for such semi-formal occasions because you want to look fashionable and made up but not overdone to resemble club makeup.

I did this look on top of my day makeup; I had my normal base makeup; mascara and liner.

  • Apply an earthy eye shadow and contour your eyes, I used the palatte introduced in the previous post. http://aimeidaily.blogspot.com/2010/01/testing.html
  • Apply bottom liner and smudge them to prep for the bottom lashes.
  • I only used bottom false lashes for this look; cut the lashes in 3 parts and apply the 2 outter part.
  • I reapplied a couple layers of mascara on my top lashes and curled them some more so they are standing up.
I'm wearng Neo Angle Tritone colour contacts.

On top of my normal day base makeup (concealer, mineral foundation); apply some bronzer to add definition and high light your nose bridge and cheek bone. Add some peach/nude blush or bronzer to your cheeks. Don't use pink!

At this point all my makeup is done; but my natural lips is not giving me enough edge to the look.


Apply a brown-tone nude lipstick; I'm using NYX round lipstick in Tea. NYX lipstick gives very good coverage without help from any lipstick base; this Tea colour gives you the perfect earthy nude lips right away.

Have fun~!


♪ Glamorous nudy holiday makeup

Reading week feels like holiday this year because it overlaps with both Valentine's day and Chinese new year; so of course lots of partying and outtings, hence the long absence of updating :P

Today's look is all about making use of fake lashes, it is glamorous however still natural enough to go to dinner parties and all that sort.

For fake lashes I like cutting them into 3 parts and depending on the occasion I use different parts of the lashes. For this look I'm using 2/3 of the top lashes and 2/3 of the bottom lashes;

Do the fake lashes after all your makeup is done. I used purple eye shadow today to match the nude lips later on. This is how it looks with only top lashes.

After applying the bottom lashes;

And add some white glitter at the other 2/3 of your bottom lash line.

Line the rest of the bottom liner with a soft black eyeliner. Curl your top fake lashes together with your own lashes; then apply mascara; this not only helps to combine the two sets of lashes you have on; but also to hold the fakies in place better.

To get the ideal nudy lips I use Mac Lipglass in C-thru; it gives the perfect colour and shine; and you don't even need a nude lip base because the coverage is so good! I only applied some Vaseline before the Mac.

Point of this look: Nude cheeks! Don't use any blush but opt for bronzer if you want some definition in your face; and use some highlights on your nose bridge and cheekbones.

And you are done!! Super easy right?

I use Neo Angle Tritone colour contacts here; it gives me the perfect light and dramatic eyes :)

Have fun~<3


♪ Makeup Tutorial: Easy Dolly Eye Look

Another very natural and easy to do look; very good for dinner and dates with someone you want to look cute for :3

(B) Mary Kay mineral foundation in Ivory 1 Cheek
(C) Avon mineral blush in Radiance
(E) Guerlain Terracotta moisturizing bronzing powder N.3
(D) Guerlain Divinora eye pencil in Bronze Noir Lip
(A) NYC ultra moist lip wear in Blossom Florison

The point of this look is eyes and cheeks; instead of liquid liner which has more pigment, you should opt for a creamy eyeliner that is NOT black; it's all about rimming in the eyeliner so it's almost just there like shadow.
Very importantly, line the bottom liner to about 2/3 from the outer corner, instead of 1/3 in a daily look; what this does is creating the illusion of a rounder eye. When you are using a creamy liner you don't need to smudge them as much; and by using a brown (in my case a golden green colour) tone the pigments don't show up as much as black. Make those lashes really curly so they are standing up! Of course for dinner dates it's always better to use fake lashes, I was a little out of time because I was taking picture lol. I'm wearing Geo Honey wing colour contacts.

For pinchable dolly looking cheeks, apply blush in a circular motion; POINT: you want to apply blush a little above the cheekbones; instead of along cheekbones in a daily look. And lightly apply some bronzer along the side of face vertically to create illusion of a smaller face. Opt for a peachy colour instead of pink because pink can really seem like a little clownish when you are applying blush at this spot. Don't be afraid to let the peach show up on your cheeks, that's what we are aiming for :D

A dolly look can't do without pink lipstick; but pink frost lipstick can seem a little too much in daytime; but it's perfect for dinner dates, especially in a lighting environment of yellow hue (which almost all restaurants use) But watch out if you happen to have picked a place with pale (white) hue (such as Fluorescent) lighting; it can make the pink look really washed out on your face! So it's always a smart idea to have spare lipstick of a different tone (in this case a peachy red) in your makeup bag :)

I took the picture in a yellow hue lighting; bedroom lighting is a good way to test the effect of your look for your dinner date because it is very similar to most restaurants :D

Have fun :D
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