♪ Earthy nude makeup look

This is a look that has a little edge to it; I wore this to attend my friend's fashion show. It's great for such semi-formal occasions because you want to look fashionable and made up but not overdone to resemble club makeup.

I did this look on top of my day makeup; I had my normal base makeup; mascara and liner.

  • Apply an earthy eye shadow and contour your eyes, I used the palatte introduced in the previous post. http://aimeidaily.blogspot.com/2010/01/testing.html
  • Apply bottom liner and smudge them to prep for the bottom lashes.
  • I only used bottom false lashes for this look; cut the lashes in 3 parts and apply the 2 outter part.
  • I reapplied a couple layers of mascara on my top lashes and curled them some more so they are standing up.
I'm wearng Neo Angle Tritone colour contacts.

On top of my normal day base makeup (concealer, mineral foundation); apply some bronzer to add definition and high light your nose bridge and cheek bone. Add some peach/nude blush or bronzer to your cheeks. Don't use pink!

At this point all my makeup is done; but my natural lips is not giving me enough edge to the look.


Apply a brown-tone nude lipstick; I'm using NYX round lipstick in Tea. NYX lipstick gives very good coverage without help from any lipstick base; this Tea colour gives you the perfect earthy nude lips right away.

Have fun~!


  1. thanks for the tutorial! lovee itt! : )

  2. i'm so glad you liked it :D Thank you!

  3. You and Ai are so cute!

    I look forward to more posts from both of you ♥

  4. i enjoy reading your beauty review !!:)


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