♪ Makeup Tutorial : Natural Day Look

This is a very useful look, perfect for school, hanging out, shopping and even dinner; it's also kind of my signature makeup lol, because it is easy and natural; follow my tutorial and you can do it too ♪ I'm wearing Hyper Natural colour contacts in Brown.


Always start with a daily sunscreen if your base product does not contain SPF; for this natural day look I only used Nanoce BB cream (SPF 30) for my whole face and Covermark concealer stick for pimple and pimple scar. My tip is always do your makeup facing your window; because you can see very clearly, this makes it easy to see imprefections on your face and to NOT over-apply makeup. You can still see my freckles and some small imprefections in this bright light, but once I'm in a normal light you won't be able to see such things. It's very important for a day look to not cover every little imprefection on your face with foundation and powder. Plus, I think freckles are cute!


Steps for blush

I use Cezanne blush in Natural Blush N; It is a perfect buildable blush for a natural look; peachy with some bronze tone suits most skin colour and can be used to contour the face as well.


This kind of brown/beige pallatte is perfect for a natural day look; I'm using Sweets Sweets Perfect Eyes by Cezanne in PE6.

E: Kate liquid eyeliner
F: Bibo pencil liner
G: Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara
H: Lancome eyebrow pencil in Natural Blonde

Line inner line and lash line; you should be able to see about 2-3mm of liner when you close your eyes.

Using liquid on bottom would be too harsh looking; be sure to make the corner of the bottom liner and top liner meet and form a little triangle at the outter corner of your eye.

Put on 2 or 3 coats of mascara and fill in the brows; dab some sparkling shadow with your finger onto the center of eyelid.

Apply lipbalm and I'm good to go~♪

See what I mean by it looks much better in normal lighting? Because you don't see as much imprefection and my eye makeup appears more natural. By doing makeup facing sunlight you are seeing the most imprefection and the most makeup; So no need to worry about a little imprefection you see; and it can avoid you from over applying makeup because you can see a lot more in sunlight! It takes a few tries to get the perfect amount for yourself ♪


  1. I like this look the best!
    u have reaaalyy good skin. =)
    Check out my blog, i dont have much on skincare, but i'm a circle lens addict, so yeah, its SOMETHING in common.
    have a great weekend ahead!

  2. really simple yet pretty look, thank you for the tutorial!


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