♣ Tutorial: Eyebrow Bleaching

Since high school, my eyebrows have been through shaving, cutting, over plucking, regrowing, and bleaching. I started bleaching my eyebrows 5 years ago, and now that my hair is a lighter (again) I realize my black bushy brows look out of place. This means I am back to bleaching my eyebrows every 2 weeks, which gives me this opportunity to write a tutorial on how this is done.

The product used is Jolen Creme Bleach, this can be purchased at most Shoppers. Before actually bleaching your eyebrows, everyone should do a test patch to see if you have any allergic reaction to the product. If you do end up with an allergic reaction, PLEASE DO NOT bleach your brows. ALSO, please read the instructions included in the product prior to bleaching your brows. DO NOT solely reply on this tutorial for instructions.

Items needed:
a) creme bleach
b) bleach accelerator
c) spatula
d) mixing tray
e) glad cling wrap

Preparing the bleach:
1) Measure1 part bleach accelerator and 2 part creme bleach (1/4 tsp bleach accelerator and 1/2 tsp creme bleach). Place on mixing tray.
2) Mix the creme bleach and bleach accelerator together.

a) Before bleaching. You can see that most of the brow is black already.
b) Apply mixture to brow. Try to minimize the application of the mixture on your skin. It is bleach after all~ you might lighten your skin around your brow... :(
c) Lightly place Glad cling wrap on brow, pat it down so the mixture will stay in place.
d) Keep checking on your brows every 5 min, because if you leave it for too long it will not match your hair colour and you might end up with blonde brows...(unless you have blonde hair) I left the bleach mixture on my brows for 15 min.


... its after my shower, no make up I only filled in my brows... I swear next time I will wear make up for pictures lol.

If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment or send us an email~

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  1. ooh nice! I'm gonna try this tomorrow :)


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