♪ Mei's Special Skin Care

Aside from the daily routine; we all need some special care for those breakout, blackheads and extra dry days :)

Biore nose strip
I'm sure everyone is very familiar with it; this is just the package from Japan. Many people say using nose strip can damage your pore, which might be true. But it is much better than squeezing the pores with fingers, and it's all about taking care of the pores after the strip. What I do is spraying a piece of cotton with Avene Thermal water and leave it on my nose for at least 30 mins; this helps to calm the irritation caused by stripping your nose and also to shrink the pores.

Lash serum by Browlash Labotory
Me and Ai need to do an entry just on lash serum later on; as we both have tried many. This one I have just purchased it this winter; so far it is very moisturising and gentle on the eyes. I have noticed some small lashes growing out on the bottom.

Acne.org Benzoyl Peroxide
A friend recommended it to me and I have found it pretty effective so far; it is the same ingredient with the Benzoyl Peroxide that you can get from dermatologist but not as strong; so it can actually be purchased without a prescription. It does burn a bit when you apply it on top of a pimple; because it is a bit watery, it is hard to keep it off the skin around the pimple so sometimes it can leave a dry patch. But overall it is a very effective pimple treatment.

La Roche Posay Cicaplast
This is a scar treatment, which I use on pimple scars. It is perfect to heal the dry patch left by the Acne. org pimple treatment, lol. Bio oil is another good product that helps to heal old and new scars.

Tunemaker Retinol essence
For those who are not familiar with the term Retinol, it is essentially Vitamin A; which is suppose to help minimize your pores. However I have not noticed so much difference in the size of my pores after using it so passionately everyday for a month... I eventually left it in the corner of my shelf collecting dust. One thing I have learned from years of searching is that once your pores are stretched, nothing can make it smaller again; surely they look smaller after you do a treatment, but that is just temporarily. For those lucky ones whose pores have yet been stretched... don't squeeze your blackheads (whiteheads)! Use a scrub and nose strip; speaking of scrubs, I forgot to include it in this picture, I'm a loyal user of St. Ives Apricot scrubs, it is really the best stuff; effective and does not cause irritations, as long as you don't scrub too hard! The best part is it's only about $5 for a huge tube.

Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask
I love masks! lol. I'm a busy university student with LOTS of projects so it requires me to stay up and pull allnighters. This mask is perfect for the morning after allnighter; it really lights up your full looking skin. I am on my 2nd tube of this product; so far I haven't found a cheaper alternation that does the same thing. I have tried Lush fresh mask, but it was quite irritating especially because your skin becomes extra weak after an all-nighter.

Clarins Gentle facial peeling
I quite regret buying this product for the price of it lol. It does make your skin looking more radiant, however the process is a pain. As you have to peel the stuff off little by little, it leaves quite a mess in your sink and it feels more like a scrub than a mask... and for a scrub I prefer my St. Ives.

Clinique deep cleansing emergency mask
This mask is recommended by Ai, and it has become my breakout-days favourite since. It is not your daily hydrating mask that you would leave on for 10, 20 mins. This product is suppose to be a 5 min breakout treatment; it dries you out if you leave it on for too long but does the wonder for the effect it promises. It can also be used as a spot treatment.

Kanebo Kracie mask
No.1 mask on Cosme.jp; it is very very hydrating so once a week is definitely enough even for winter. It has SO much product on one sheet that it is usually dripping lol; so I can actually use the extra product in the pouch as serum :D It is fairly priced, around $8 for 5 sheets. I usually stock them up everytime I go to Japan; but this can easily can found on shopping site such as veryasia.com or sasa.com

Muji cut-cotton & mask sheets
The cotton is what I mentioned in Mei's daily skincare; the coin-like mask sheets expands into a whole sheets once you put toner on it; I usually use Avene thermal water or the Muji toner when I need some quick hydrating treatment.

Shiseido eye mask sheets
I use this with my Muji high moisture toner to give my eye area the extra hydrating care; the shape is quite unique from the usual eye mask as it covers not only the under-eye area but also the lid.

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