♣ Ai's Special Skin Care

Extras I use to maintain my skin or to pamper myself lol.

Selena Puff
Selena puffs can be purchased at any T&T grocery store. They will not shed cotton fibers and the two sides of the puff have different textures (smooth & rough). My favorite is the Shiseido puffs... but too expensive $8 vs. $3. I say $3 wins and they work just as well.

Biore: Nose Strip
These are the normal ones they sell at Shoppers but the ones they sell at Pacific Mall or First Markham Place are 10x better. I prefer the Biore nose strip with charcoal, the nose strip itself is black and when you take it off... let’s just say you can see very clearly what you took off.

Shino: Mask Sheets
The same mask sheets Mei uses just a different brand, I got mine in Shanghai. Same story, I use these when I need a boost of hydration. I usually use Avene gentle toner or Avene thermal water.

La Roche-Posay: Effaclar A.I.
This is an acne cream that is extremely gentle and could be applied under your make-up. The scent is light; the texture is like a light cream. This acne cream will not sting or burn your acne when applied, but this is for uncomplicated acne if you have cystic acne this will not be strong enough.

La Roche-Posay: Effaclar K
I just started using this treatment; it is a "daily renewal fluid for oily skin". This treatment is supposed to improve the skin's appearance and unclog pores. I was hugely skeptical at first since it is intended for oily skin thinking I would be horribly dry, but the treatment is actually hydrating. The fluid is white and has a light scent; its texture is a light cream. I have been faithfully using it for 5 days so far and it is effective IMO. On day 3, my mom already asked if I did something with my skin because it was smoother and more hydrated. I guess I shall stay faithful to this for a while and see its full potential. I will continue to update regarding this treatment~

Mavala: Double Cils Lash Serum
I agree with Mei that we need a separate entry for lash serums alone since we have experimented with many different products. Mavala lash serum is the 3rd lash serum I have used, it is the most irritating. When applied to you lashed it will sting the skin at the base of your lashes... I did not have any allergic reaction to this though. This lash serum does work and I did notice length and volume increase in my lashes, but it is not the best. My holy grail is DHC lash serum not only does it increase your lashes in length and volume, but it will keep you lashes healthier and less likely to fall out.

DHC: Acerola 100
This treatment is to fade discoloration or pigmentation. I have not been faithfully using this treatment because I am currently using the La Roche Effaclar K, but when I did use it daily my scars and discoloration did fade. The smell and consistency is not the most pleasant or user friendly... The smell is hard for me to describe (chemicals + maple syrup??) but my bf at the time surely did not like it. The consistency is a liquid, so it is extremely hard to use as a spot treatment. I usually just pumped the liquid into my hand and patted all over my face until absorbed.

Olay: Age Defying Revitalizing Eye Gel
This is my secret for morning after watching sob k-drama or crying. I keep this eye gel in my freezer and apply it to my eyelids; you will watch your puffy lids instantly shrink before your eyes.

Nuxe: Gentle Purifying and Clarifying Mask with 3 Roses
I have no idea what is it about Nuxe, I like their products but their skin care does not work for me... lol. This mask has a heavy herbal smell and its consistency is a bit like a moisturizing mask and oatmeal (it has a clumpy texture)?!?!? I don't really see how this mask purify and clarify because it is very much like a moisturizing mask. When applied, you massage it around your face for 1 - 2 min then let it sit on your face until the mask is no longer white. After rinsing off your skin will be bright and moisturized. I personally like this mask and its purpose is to pamper but... the smell is not too appetizing.

Clinique: Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask
I only use this clay mask when my skin is uncontrollably oily (which is never) or I use it as a spot treatment for itchy reactions I get on my skin. My skin is reactive so sometimes the food I eat will cause a reaction to my facial skin, usually in the form of an itchy bump. This mask is perfect for this problem; in 10 - 15 min the itchy bump will be gone. When used as a mask it is also very good for what it is suppose to do, your skin will look brighter right after usage, but it is too drying for my skin to be used longer term.

Lancome: Comforting Exfoliating Cream
This is my favorite scrub; its exfoliating beads are fine unlike St. Ives (too rough for me... TT_TT). The smell is delicious and girlie; I use this when I think my skin looks dull. Maybe once every 2 weeks.

DHC: Face-up Pack
This is probably the funniest concept for a mask I have ever encountered, and it works. This mask is supposed to make your face slimmer; you apply the mask on your jaw line and chin. The consistency is a clear, sticky, gel-like substance and it is scent less. Previously, I passionately used this mask 2 times a week as indicated for duration of time and it really did make my face slimmer... I know that is shocking and unbelievable, but try it and see for yourself :)

That's all for now~ I have a haul from Avon in about a week's time. Reviews will be added~

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