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Now that the layout is finalized~ I shall follow in Mei's foot steps and share my basic skin routine.

I am a hardcore believer of skincare and I feel skincare should be emphasized incomparison to makeup. Just like Shu Uemura said "beauty starts with skincare."

Both Mei and I have sensitive skin, and we both are reactive to many products out in the market... Of course, some products Mei is reactive to I can use perfectly fine, and vise versa. Everyone have different skin but I hope our trial and error can help others find their holy grail products.

Okie. Me, Ai have intolerant skin, which is at times annoying to deal with considering my skin tone is very pale, therefore scarring is painfully visible. I have combination skin: oily in t-zone and normal cheeks. My pores clog easily and my cheeks are the most sensitive. My breakouts are mainly induced by reaction to products, and they are on my chin and sides of my face.

From left to right; according to my routine.

Nivea: Visage Eye Make-up Remover
A "cream" eye make-up remover and this removes all traces of my eye make-up (i wear a lot of mascara.) Do not follow the instructions given on the bottle - it's jibberish. If you actually follow the instructions you are going to get this cream everywhere and pull out your own lashes at the same time. I would advice to use a quarter size amount of the product, swirl and rub the cream around your eye area until you look like a panda (because the cream will turn black from removing all your eye make-up), then just rinse off. This remover will minimize the amount of eyelashes you pull off while trying to remove your eye make-up since you are not tugging and pulling with a cotton pad :) Oh~ not to mention is it super cheap, I bought this for about $7 on sale at shoppers.

Bioderma: Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution
Introduced by Mei, when my skin goes crazy and not at its best condition, I always return to this make-up remover. I wear sunscreen daily so I need a seperate make-up remover for my face. The best micelle solution in the market with a reasonable price. Avene works fine but more expensive and smaller amount of product, La Roche does not work but cheaper. IMO this is gold (but it does have a bitter taste... if you ever end up licking your lip after using the solution, which I am sure most people would not do... unless you are me).

Marcelle: Gentle Foaming Wash
I tend to lean towards face wash that is extremely gentle. This foaming wash basically just removes the left over traces of product and make-up from my face. I forgot to mention anything that touches my facial skin must be hypo-allergic and non-comedogenic, if it is perfume-free, even better. When there are too much perfume or chemicals in the product my skin will sting... not pretty. Non-comedogenic, because my pores clogs easily and no one wants clogged pore in general. Back to the foaming wash. This is super gentle, it will not strip your skin of its natural oils and it keeps the ph blanace of your skin. After you wash it off your skin will feel super smooth~ One of my top 10.

Avene: Thermal Water
Mei and I are royal believers of Avene thermal water, and Mei is the one who introduced this product to me. I have been using this for 3 years now and currently I am using this as toner. If my skin is reacting, I reach for this but the"water" is not exactly cheap...

La Roche-Posay: Toleriane Fluid
One of my recent purchase for my winter skin care routine. I use to favour a thicker cream to combat the winter wind and dryness, but now I divided the job into two because I realized a hydrating serum plus lotion will do the same as a cream and less likely to feel oily. I apply the fluid to my face after the thermal water to lock in moisture and the hydrating properties are excellent. The consistency is runny so your skin will absorb it easily.

Marcelle: Essentials Protection+ SPF15
My day lotion, which I apply after the toleriane fluid - double moisture :D This lotion is oil-free and hypo-free-non (hypo-allergic, perfume free, non-comedogenic). Marcelle makes many great products for sensitive skin, and the consistency is liquidy and light. In the summer this lotion is probably moisturizing enough to be used alone. So far my this favourite lotion aside from Avene, but this is more affordable. I hate getting tanned so SPF15 is great, especially since I apply this to my neck also.

April: Eye Bright Sparkling Gel
Some cheap eye gel I bought in Shanghai since my DHC Bright Eye ran out. This product line is actually made by the dermatologist association in Shanghai and is geared towards sensitive skin. Apparently not gentle enough because I could not use any of their skin care... Just a basic eye gel, and it does what it is suppose to (depuffs and moisturizes). I use eye gel on my lids and eye cream for under eye.

Marcelle: Essentials 1st Winkles Eye Cream
The consistency of the cream is light and is absorbed quickly. No complaints, and a no-frill product. Starting to develop lines under my eyes so I must find a better eye cream - like Mei =_=;;;; I like this eye cream though, it does not disturb application of concealer or eye makeup.

phew~ that was long... next post will be on special skin care.

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