♣ Review: Aqualabel by Shideido White Emulsion

First review~!

I realized I have purchased many masks in Shanghai, but rarely (never) use them. Since Mei and I started this blog I thought it would be a good idea to do a mask review every week, and they are all very affortable. I currently have enough for 8 weeks worth of review :D So lets get to it~

The Aqualabel white emulsion claims to be highly concentrated in vitamin C and glycyrrhetic acid to prevent spots and whiten skin. The mask also contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and Paeonia extract to hydrate skin. This line is for normal to dry skin and even delicate skin; fragrance-free and pigment-free.

This mask is suppose to hydrate and whiten your skin, but prior to researching I thought this was mainly for whitening. Once opening the package I did not smell any scent. The product was clear and on the liquidy/runny side not like other masks where the consistency was thick and milky.

Now that I have created a horror film on my first review I shall tell you my opinion about this mask. Upon taking a bath and prepping with Avene thermal water, I applied the mask. Waited 10 min. Removed the mask, then I massaged the excess product into my skin.

- no scent what so ever
- the mask was not too large; they are usually too large, too far into my hairline, etc
- the mask did not slide off while I used the computer and walked around
- very hydrating; I did not have to apply my La Roche fluid
 - my pores looked smaller, but could have been the bath causing my pores to open
 - from the photos I think there is less redness? I am not too sure

- a little stinging, but nothing that caused an allergic reaction
- no visible whitening; i guess you can't expect to whiten with only one usage...?

Overall I think this mask is pretty good if you are looking to rehydrate and freshen up. I actually like this because the mask was not too wet and liquid, it was fragrance-free, and it left my skin nicely hydrated and supple.

Off to a pretty good start :) Tutorial coming your way soon~

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