♪ FIRST ENTRY- Mei's Daily Skin Care

Me and Ai have thought of starting a beauty blog for so long; because we are both absolutely freakish about make up and skin care and we are always looking at other girl's blogs for ideas. So why not start one of our own? I hope everyone who looks at our blog can find something useful :D

So first I thought I should do a review my daily routine products, as most of them have been working for me. I have combination skin with oily t-zone and dry cheeks; my skin is also very sensitive especially on the cheeks; I have redness on my cheeks and occasionally get breakouts around my nose and mouth.

Let's start with my daily skin care

From left to right, as the order of my routine (I use a lot of product from Japan, which can possible be found on Ebay or Amazon.jp)

Softymo super point makeup remover
The No.1 makeup remover on Cosme.jp ( equivalent to our Makeupalley.com in Japan) for the past 2 years; very gentle but effective; an alternative that can be found in North America is Lancome's Bi-facil, I have ditched Bi-facil after I found this product because of the price difference... this one sells only for $7 in Japan, but Bi-facil works just as well.

Mutenka (No additive) makeup removing oil
The only makeup removing oil I have used so far that does not irritate my eyes; I can actually open my eyes while having this on my face, while other oil cleanser I have used before all tend to blur my vision. Mutenka is famous for being gentle, nothing extraordinary but good for basic daily care.

Mutenka forming face wash
Again a very basic and gentle face wash; for those who might not know, washing your face one more time with a face wash is essential after cleaning with oil cleanser; because no matter how clean it feels, there is still residual left on your face.

Avene Thermal water
A product I have used for more than 4 years; it's one of those product that will improve your skin in a long term.

Muji High moisture toner
I think most people that comes from Asia is familiar with this brand; but most likely with their stationary products and home living stuff. I started using this toner after seeing the high review on Cosme.jp, and surprised to find that it works the wonder with the price of $12 for such a huge bottle of 200ml. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and moisture enough for Toronto's harsh weather. They come in difference levels of moisture too, in Japan's humid summer I use the Fresh kind. I also recommend the cotton pads from them as well; it is the same quality with those expensive Shiseido cotton pads in our drug stores; Muji sells them for around $2 for 120 pads. The cottons can be found in the US online store, however it seems like cosmetic stuff is not sold there :( But you happen to go to Japan for vacation, definitely try this toner!

Embryolisse cream (filaderme emulsion)
Such a good cream for winter! The texture is a little thick, but very easy to spread and you don't need that much for the whole face. I particular favour French skin care, they just work! lol. I have been using Avene's compensating cream in winter for 3 years and have just started this cream since this winter; it is not as easily absorbing as Avene and it doesn't smell as good; but work just as well, it is also a good makeup base.

La Roche Posay Active C eye cream
As my profile says I am still looking for the perfect eye cream; this eye cream has pretty good review on MUA but I find it pretty... useless to be honest... it is too light especially for winter; as soon as you squeeze it out of the tube it transforms into a very watery texture, which does not leave the eye area as moisturised as an eye cream should be. I also don't see any improvement in the fine line under my eyes.

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  1. Thanks for sharing,
    I brought the superpoint makeup remover too..hope it will work for me!


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