♪ Makeup Tutorial: Easy Dolly Eye Look

Another very natural and easy to do look; very good for dinner and dates with someone you want to look cute for :3

(B) Mary Kay mineral foundation in Ivory 1 Cheek
(C) Avon mineral blush in Radiance
(E) Guerlain Terracotta moisturizing bronzing powder N.3
(D) Guerlain Divinora eye pencil in Bronze Noir Lip
(A) NYC ultra moist lip wear in Blossom Florison

The point of this look is eyes and cheeks; instead of liquid liner which has more pigment, you should opt for a creamy eyeliner that is NOT black; it's all about rimming in the eyeliner so it's almost just there like shadow.
Very importantly, line the bottom liner to about 2/3 from the outer corner, instead of 1/3 in a daily look; what this does is creating the illusion of a rounder eye. When you are using a creamy liner you don't need to smudge them as much; and by using a brown (in my case a golden green colour) tone the pigments don't show up as much as black. Make those lashes really curly so they are standing up! Of course for dinner dates it's always better to use fake lashes, I was a little out of time because I was taking picture lol. I'm wearing Geo Honey wing colour contacts.

For pinchable dolly looking cheeks, apply blush in a circular motion; POINT: you want to apply blush a little above the cheekbones; instead of along cheekbones in a daily look. And lightly apply some bronzer along the side of face vertically to create illusion of a smaller face. Opt for a peachy colour instead of pink because pink can really seem like a little clownish when you are applying blush at this spot. Don't be afraid to let the peach show up on your cheeks, that's what we are aiming for :D

A dolly look can't do without pink lipstick; but pink frost lipstick can seem a little too much in daytime; but it's perfect for dinner dates, especially in a lighting environment of yellow hue (which almost all restaurants use) But watch out if you happen to have picked a place with pale (white) hue (such as Fluorescent) lighting; it can make the pink look really washed out on your face! So it's always a smart idea to have spare lipstick of a different tone (in this case a peachy red) in your makeup bag :)

I took the picture in a yellow hue lighting; bedroom lighting is a good way to test the effect of your look for your dinner date because it is very similar to most restaurants :D

Have fun :D


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