♪ Glamorous nudy holiday makeup

Reading week feels like holiday this year because it overlaps with both Valentine's day and Chinese new year; so of course lots of partying and outtings, hence the long absence of updating :P

Today's look is all about making use of fake lashes, it is glamorous however still natural enough to go to dinner parties and all that sort.

For fake lashes I like cutting them into 3 parts and depending on the occasion I use different parts of the lashes. For this look I'm using 2/3 of the top lashes and 2/3 of the bottom lashes;

Do the fake lashes after all your makeup is done. I used purple eye shadow today to match the nude lips later on. This is how it looks with only top lashes.

After applying the bottom lashes;

And add some white glitter at the other 2/3 of your bottom lash line.

Line the rest of the bottom liner with a soft black eyeliner. Curl your top fake lashes together with your own lashes; then apply mascara; this not only helps to combine the two sets of lashes you have on; but also to hold the fakies in place better.

To get the ideal nudy lips I use Mac Lipglass in C-thru; it gives the perfect colour and shine; and you don't even need a nude lip base because the coverage is so good! I only applied some Vaseline before the Mac.

Point of this look: Nude cheeks! Don't use any blush but opt for bronzer if you want some definition in your face; and use some highlights on your nose bridge and cheekbones.

And you are done!! Super easy right?

I use Neo Angle Tritone colour contacts here; it gives me the perfect light and dramatic eyes :)

Have fun~<3


  1. Finnally,updated.
    You are so good at fake lashes. They look so natural and go very well wiz the color contacts!

  2. Hello. My name is Michelle and I am Loretta's friend in Chicago. She told me about your blog and I am loving it! I myself keep a beauty blog as well, check it out: http://thebeautyjournal.wordpress.com/

  3. Hey Michelle thanks for visiting our blog :D i'll definitely check out yours as well!


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