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First of all I have an annoucement to make: Ai has officially disappeared... lol temporarily hopefully. She hasn't gotten in touch with me since our final project due, I'm thinking maybe she has gone to some romantic trip with her bf or?? Actually I know she does this disappearance thing once in a while depending on her mood... lol so hopefully she'll come back to us soon... So it seems like Aimei will be hosted by Mei from now for a while... please support me still~~ And please come back soon or get in touch with me Ai~~~~ and hope you are ok!!
Summer has come!! My summer resolution will be

  • Getting an internship
  • basically work... lol
  • going to trip with friends
  • update blog more often !!
  • start video log

:DD There are some overdue FOTDs (HOTD OOTD)

I stayed at my good friends house these days and her apartment has the best lighting for pictures! lol I even played with the lighting balance a little on Photoshop- something I don't normally do lol, cuz the light was so beautiful~~ anyway this is a simple look I did for outtings with the girls

This summer's most IN look is:

  • clean shadow+ dolly lashes
  • minimal liner
  • thick brows
  • dwey skin
  • inner curl for hair
  • make up is basically nude nude nude!!

Face makeup

  • Biothem Forget it concealer
  • Skin 79 BB cream
  • Guerlain blush


  • Concealer
  • Maybeline Moisture extreme in Nude Blush

Another FOTD, super basic day look, no fake lashes or lipstick. And this is the usual super dull lighting of my bedroom... lol

OOTD again at my friend's super good lighting lakeshore room, please excuse the messiness we created lol
This summer's fashion point:

  • Agian nude nude nude! lol
  • basically light: light colour light material
  • grass weave items: hats, handbags ...


  • Cotten shirt from Forever21
  • Cotten slack shorts from Zara
  • Vintage weaved belt
  • Vintage grass weave bag
  • Nude patent leather pumps from Lowry's Farm

At last my tired face from 1 min before this post lol very recent FOTD right?! lol,, I'm now writing this post in bed looking like this... smudged eye make with greasy hair :PPP

Going shower now~~~ see you next time!!


  1. ai u should get your priorities straight =]

  2. Awww Ai is gone for a while :( Hope she comes back

  3. Aw, that's sad but, at the same time- I think you are doing an excellent job at keeping up with the blog!^____^ Kudos to you, Mei<3

    And you have such pretty features. I always envied girls with wide set eyes (like Gemma Ward)- always looks so dreamy and pretty<3

    The cheek color is gorgeous on you. Your cheek bones really makes the color *pop* more^___^

    Very beautiful! ^____^

    Miss. P

  4. Well done on keeping up the blog! This post is great. Your FOTD looks really simple and very pretty. Am especially loving your OOTD!

  5. haha ai has left for a sweeet escapeee!
    daijiobu she will be back :D

    mei~i'llbe here still reading your post ;)
    i cant never ever pull off center parting T.T
    yours is incredibleee so sweet & feminine
    i've gotta learn to fix my hair..curling in!
    just got those velcro curls hehe will refer your tutorials !

  6. oh you look so pretty! so simple and chic!

  7. I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!!! Mei Mei!! I support you ^^ Please please do more eye tutorials!
    Well i hope Ai come back too! You girls make a great blog team~

  8. Hopefully Ai is ok..she will return when she is ready :) In the meantime, we will all continue to support you! Thanks for the updated blog post - Meichantte cho kawaii yo~ \(^o^)/ Love the FOTD's and cute outfit!

  9. Mei! glad you're still bloging.. hope Ai returns soon :)

    You look very glowly and pretty! I love the hair, very girly and simple to wear <3

    I love your OOTD too, cool and simple! I'm digging the light colours too hehe.

  10. Thank you everybody for the kind encouragement words!! i'll definitely keep up this blog until Ai comes back :>
    今どこにいるの??ブログのみんあ待ってるから 私とレンラクしでね~!

  11. Very pretty looks! I need to get back to work too lol! Now only if my workplace would call me back T___T

  12. Hope everything is okay with Ai but I'll be here supporting you!! Don't stop blogging. =]
    I really like your posts and all your natural FOTD/EOTDs.

    I love your outfit too! The khaki shorts and baggy shirts are so in. I'm on the hunt for a similar outfit like your. So pretty!

    Thanks for sharing what's in. I love that it's natural and nude.

    I don't know if I've ever asked you before but what BB Creams have you tried and which is your favorite? I've seen Skin 79 BB cream before but never tried it. Any tips? Maybe a post of ones you have, used, and/or tried? =P

    <3 Serena.


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