♪ Lotd (Vertical mixed curls) + Guerlain BB cream (??)

I posted tutorial for Horizontal curls before; this post is not a tutorial (I will if anyone wants to see :) I haven't done this kind of vertical and mixed curls for a while! It was kind of fun doing it :PP
Basically vertical curls means holding your curling iron vertically, and mixed means inwards and outwards mixed!
This technique creates obvious curls that's a little messy and a glamorous feel
I did this as basically a day look so I matched it with rather simple makeup :)

Half-updo with this hair, it's very simple! All you need is two pins! It's good for dinner, dates etc,, anything that you need to add a little more soft femininity :>

I have started a "Rediscovering Makeup" project after seeing Nic nic's~ and I recently started using this Guerlain product again, Creme Camphrea-Anti Blemish Care.

Back discription: Covers and clears up the superficial imperfections of oily skin. Apply locally.

I don't really know how to call it because it is like a foudation but much more natural, it is thick but not dry, so very easy to blend out. So I decided to call it BB cream lol, since the definition of BB cream is Blemish Balm, and "Balm" is the exact word to describe the texture of this product, thick but easy to blend. BB cream is supposed to heal blemishes like this product as well. I only use it as a concealer (except for my under eye) on spots to covers and some on my cheeks to cover redness.
I do notice my pimples NOT getting irritated after applying this; compare to using regular concealers, they sometimes irritate pimples and make them worse.
The colour though is on the pink side, as my skin is actually quite pink I find it ok for me; some people might find this shade too pink.

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Thank you new followers~ we have reached more than 100 followers!! :DDD
Thank you everyone for liking us and supporting me while Ai is gone :>
See you next time~~


  1. hi Mei~ you look lovely! love the hair and your simple make up.will keep supporting you.xoxo

  2. You have a very flattering side profile!
    haha random i know!

    I didn't know Guerlain made a blemish cream...
    I been using Nanoce Bb cream, the one i asked you about awhile back. I really like it =] Thank you for the recommendation!

  3. This post is making me want to curl my hair tomorrow. I've gotten so lazy with my hair. =/
    Your hair came out really pretty.

    Guerlain's "BB Cream" sounds nice. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    <3s Serena.

  4. oh you look so lovely :3 and i wish my hair looks just like yours! :(

  5. you have such pretty hair! :)

  6. Thank you sweetiess~~ the hair is super easy to do maybe i ll make a tutorial next time! :)

  7. im def getting into the habit into looking at untouched stuff hehe. the guerlain product sounds really interesting!!! pretty hair as usual <3

  8. Oooh pretty curls~ I wish I had the patience to curl my hair haha!

  9. Gorgeous hair style~. I'll be sure to copy it in the future. ;]

    And you have such pretty eyes, too, whether with or without circle lenses.


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