♪ Last weekend~ Looks of two nights

I'm having really bad cough these days :( so I decide to stay home the whole weekend and watch dramas LOL,, so that means no looking nice for me this weekend ]:
Btw recently I'm following this drama 素直になれなくて Sunao ni narenakute (can't be honest) the story is pretty good and plus my favourite Eita and Juri!! It's talking about this group of friends who met on Twitter~ interesting I think~ I used to not like Tohoshinki so much... but one of them is in this drama and I realised he is a very diligent actor, and his Japanese is pretty perfect! Anyway I highly recommand if you are also a J-drama fan :P
Ok back to topic~ this is the Lotd for last Friday, I was going for a casual look since I was just going to karaoke & drinking with a few friends, lol hence the flats! I matched the outfit with soft mixed (inwards & outwards) curls with light and natural makeup, the eye makeup is quite boring lol.. I didn't even curl the lashes I think... hmm hope you guys are not bored of this natural makeup thing I always do... I promise I'll do more fun makeup sometime~~!!

Eyes & Brows:

  • Cezanne Sweets Sweets shadow
  • Kate Super Sharp Liner (liquid)
  • Clinique High Impact mascara
  • ELF Eyebrow kit in Light + Lancome brow pencil in Natural Blonde

Lips: LipFx Tint+ Treatment lipstick in Rose Blush

What I'm wearing:
  • H&M purple top
  • Random Japan brand light denim shorts with embroidery design
  • Vintage chain & bangles
  • Aldo vintage inspired shoulder bag
  • ABC mart sandal flats

Yes you did not read it wrong! ABC mart!! LOL! People who have visited Japan should know this store, it's basically like our Footlocker and it's EVERYWHERE~~ they mostly sell sneakers etc,, but I somehow managed to find this super cute silver sandals there 2 years ago,, and yes I still wear them now!! hahaha they are getting really worn out tho... T__T I have been looking for a substitute but have yet to found anything like this!! urghhhh~~~ Don't you just HATE it when this happens??!!

camwhoring~~ :P

Pictures from that night :D with the drinking group LOL, yes we are all alcoholic...

Saturday night with the same gang~ my best friend, the cutest twins and the funniest hair dresser :DD

Not sure what I was doing lol, maybe scratching my leg? lol = =;;
What I was wearing
  • H&M pieced fabric top
  • same light denim shorts with embroidery design
  • Brazen Hussy elastic belt with gold buckle
  • Aldo sling back pumps
  • Vintage chain purse

I love the black gladiators my girl friends are wearing~! I need something useful like those~

And I realise I reeeally need to dye my hair... I have two colours on my head.. = =;;

Hope you enjoyed reading~~ :DD
see you next time!~


  1. hi Mei! What a cute looking group of friends! hehe! I love natural looks too! You look so cute and pretty!!!

  2. Aww you look cute! love the outfit, comfortable, casual and a touch of glam :) 2nd outfit is cute and girly!

  3. You look adorable! Love the second outfit! very a night in town kind-of outfit =]

  4. you look adorable! i love what you're wearing :D

  5. Thanks for the recommendation for the jdorama^^ Nice OOTDs!

  6. Oh my I love your outfit!!

  7. Hi Mei,

    I just gave you a sweet blog award ^^ Come check it out here: http://pink-glass-heart.blogspot.com/2010/06/sweet-blog-award.html


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