♣ photo diary + lash perm

jacket: mysty women / shirt: aa 3d flower jumper / legging: f21 / ear muffs: aldo / bag: vintage / shoes: ?? / lipstick: rimmel lasting finish lipstick in heavenly

i don't want snow, i can't wear pretty shoes.

Eyelash Perm:


Got my eyelashes permed at a salon, usually cost between $20 - 60. I had mine done for $35. Depending on salon they use either rods or clips to maintain the curl of your lashes when perming. The first time I had this done they used rods, this time the salon used clips.

Rod: more prone to having kinks in your lashes (if the beautician is not careful)... but curl is much more obvious and dramatic.
Clips: curl is less obvious, more natural.

I wanted dramatic curly lashes, but sadly what I got was pretty natural. :( 
If you want more info on how lash perming is done, just look it up on youtube~ looks a bit freaky but I assure you it's painless.

I have to leave you with this... I want one!!!


  1. love the outfit! the food looks yummy too,i'm feeling hungry now^^ wow~ your lashes looks so natural~ i thought about trying the lash perm but i'm scared 0_0 aww,boo's the cutest! thanks for sharing the vid :)

  2. Is that a picture of your neighborhood

  3. wow love your outfit!
    Im too scared to have anything close to my eyes haha but ur lash perm look completely natural.

    I had a fit laughing at the video you posted up. hahaha boo is so cute!

  4. oh i love the top and the boots /envy ! you look super gorgeous and edgy!

  5. bisQue: yes it is my neighborhood~ thats my front yard. lol

    thanks for the comments :]

  6. Bah-- your food... looks so good. o:

    And I looovee those earmuffs~~. (I can't find any good animal print earmuffs near me. :/ Perhaps I should start shopping online...)

    I love the eyelash perm, too- it worked pretty well~.

  7. I love getting my lashes permed, ever since I tried it Im hooked! Luckily I get mines done at a salon that's in a house so it's super cheap -18$ wheee! It just sucks when the perm fades and I get lazy to get there and perm them again LOL Well that's when the curler comes in =P The permed lashes look great on you and that food looks yummy! *nom nom nom* Your earmuffs are really cute too and omg it's Boo! I joined his facebook page =P


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