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Hello to our readers~ if there are still readers lol. Sorry for not updating for the longest time (at least for my part...). I had a busy summer right after my semester ended. Started working, visited HK, went back to Shanghai, came back and continued to work... no excuse really just a bad blogger :( All the thanks to Mei~ while I was gone for updating, but school has started again so as you can see we are both not updating!! I assure you guys we are going to start updating again lol. I thought it's a good idea that Mei started doing outfit pictures. Copying.

Left to right: be sunscreen SPF 25 / Rosebud Salve / elf mineral blush in bliss / sephora lasting liquid eyeliner in brown / maybelline volum' express waterproof mascara / maybelline full' n soft waterproof mascara 
Apply eyeliner on 2/3 of eyelid, wing at the end. Curl lashes, apply mascara. TADA.
wearing Neo Glamour Brown.

I cut my hair short :) you can still do hair arrangements though.

faux fur vest: old pmall / sweater: ?? / jeans: ae / boots: juicy

Yay. will update soon, perming eyelashes tomorrow.


  1. I do the exact same make-up for school.Super simple and cute.


  2. Ah I love everything. I love how natural your eye makeup is, your hair style (and colour btw :P) and the fur! I think fur will be one trend I won't be following this year though, I can't see myself in fur and much less what to do with it next year haha.

  3. Welcome back!! Love your outfit!! Love how you coordinated! You look so sleek and amazing with short hair! haha it matches really well!^^

  4. love your hairstyle and the braid :) the outfit fits really well on you :) more posts please~ ^^ xoxo

  5. Good to see you back!! Great outfit!

  6. Ah, it has been a while, eh?. :]

    Like everybody else, I'm lovin' the haircut. And I must say those boots are to die for~~. <33

  7. thanks for the comments~ yesss i love the haircut too, even though it might be cold for my ears during winter x_x
    i love shoes. Noxin there will be plenty of shoe porn lol.


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