♣ gyaru with shoe fetish

 Sometimes I put on makeup for no occasion or reason at all. This happens often near midnight... 
On a normal basis I don't wear this much eye makeup, but when I do - I think I look like a gyaru...
Blush: Rimmel in Santa Rose / Shadow: Maybelline in Sunlit Bronze / Lash Base: MUFE Lash FIbers / Mascara: Maybelline Full'N Soft + Volum' Express / Liner: Annabelle Smudge Liner in Rich Chocolate

 Recently purchased from aldo and gojane. I walked around for an hour in the black pumps to the right. No pain for my feet so far.
Owls made of real feathers - my bf picked up for me during our antique hunting adventures. 


  1. I dont know if you mind me asking.. but what contacts are you wearing?! They're so pretty ^^ (assuming you're wearing contacts :P)

  2. cute shoes! love them, good to know that you didn't hurt after walking in them...I gotta check out gojane!

  3. @Naomi: the contacts are Neo Glamour brown aka. tri-tone brown. they are super comfortable and thin. i bought neo 4-tone in grey and honey, will review when i get them :)

  4. i love those shoes! and yeah sometimes I like putting make up just cause I feel like it, maybe it's a girl thing xD and I'm really loving your photos with that amazing hairstyle <3

  5. You look so gorgeous and I love those shoes <3

  6. love those shoesssss i saw that aldo one too :DD
    ill try to update.. sigh after 2nd wk of dec..


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