♣ i need you so much closer.

jacket: f21 / t shirt maxi & scarf: h&m / boots: gojane

rimmel lasting finish pro in hot cocoa
I have recently been listening to Death Cab for Cutie and Phoenix. They sound similar to Mr. Children but vocals are in English (duh... lol.). New boots; I truly believe they would look better if they are dirty. I tried kicking them around in TTC, but they are still work in progress. I am getting back into thrifting again. Found the silver serving plate (now serving my jewelery) and this porcelain tiger. No idea what I should put inside this unhappy tiger. It kind of reflects my mood right now lol... maybe because it's empty and doesn't serve a purpose right now. 


  1. cool outfit! love your nail polish^^

  2. oh the color is just too pretty! I rarely see that color in outfits, so I'm really pleased xD your boots are really cool too <3

  3. nice outfit - love the jacket!

    love mr. children :D

  4. i wish i was tall enough to pull off a maxi like that! cool grungy-esque look!

    feel better soon :) i recommend paolo nutini - new shoes or pencil full of lead for a pick me up...


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