♣ Step-by-step Lash Sculpting Tutorial

This post will touch upon your relationship with your lashes. Some might have a love and hate relationship with their lashes (most Asians do), but what we are trying to achieve today is to sculpt your lashes so the hate can be eliminated from this relationship :3 My attempt to sound like a therapist: FAIL.

Some of the readers commented on my lashes so I decided to share how I sculpt my lashes. Like everyone who has Asian lashes; my lashes are pin-straight, and lacking in volume.

Here we go~

(A) Shu Uemura lash curler
(B) Sephora heated lash curler
(C) Maybelline Full N' Soft waterproof mascara
(D) Sephora Lash Plumper mascara
(E) Lash comb

(wearing GEO Honey Wing circle lenses)

As you can see my lashes are barely visible...

Step 1: Curl Lashes

  • Do not just curl your lashes at the base; your lashes will bend at 90 degrees x_x... you are trying to achieve a fan-like-effect
  • As you move from the base, curl 4 to 5 times until you reach the tips of your lashes. Repeat until desired effect is achieved.
  • Now curl only at the base for 5 seconds to hold shape.
Step 2: Apply Base Mascara
  • To keep curl you should always use waterproof mascara, they have more wax content compared to non-waterproof. OR look for a mascara with a dryer formula; they will not weight your lashes down and keeps better curl.
  • Always zig-zag when applying your mascara (see pic above). When you zig-zag, the brush helps to separate your lashes and coat your lashes evenly.
  • Use a lash comb to separate your lashes if they become clumpy; comb while your mascara is wet or you will end up pulling your lashes!!!
After 2 coats of waterproof mascara; here I am using Maybelline Full N' Soft waterproof mascara.

Step 2.5: Apply Primer 

I did not use a primer, but if you are using a primer you should apply it after your base/waterproof mascara in order to keep your curl intact. Apply the primer focusing on base to middle section of your lashes. Most primers on the market have poor ability to keep curl but does elongate and create volume. I will recommend some primers at the end of the tutorial~

Step 3: Curl Lashes AGAIN

Using a heated lash curler focus on curling the tips of your lashes (see the arrows in pic) to create that fan-like-effect, this will also clean any spider-leg looking tips. 

Curl your bottom lashes with heated curler.

After curling your lashes, it should look something like this.

Step 4: Create Volume
  • When applying your volume mascara, zig-zag and focus on the base to middle section (see pic above) of your lashes, if you apply excessive amount of volume mascara over the entire length of your lashes, it is easy to create spidery lashes and the tips of your lashes will be clumpy :(
  • Avoid using a lash comb now... unless you have really clumpy application; at this stage your lashes already have 3 coats of mascara using a lash comb will tug and pull on your lashes.

2 coats of volume mascara should look something like this.

Step 5: Clean/Sculpting

  • We are trying to achieve a fan-like-effect therefore the lashes that are too long or have clumpy ends must be cleaned/sculpted to the appropriate length.
  • I have a few lashes with spider-leg-ends that are too long (see pic above); I used my finger to pull the excess mascara off the lash tips.

    The end result :)

    Most days I wear only mascara (for eye makeup)... I think it's enough to define my eyes alone if applied correctly ><.

    Side Note:
    If you want long lashes I highly recommend using a lash growth serum daily. I have religiously used lash serums every night for the past 2 years and I really believe they have made a difference to my lashes; in terms of length and volume. Currently I am using...

    (F) Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator

    High-end Mascara:
    • Shu Uemura Mascara Basic (base): HG HG HG, that should explain all. Could be applied over and over again, will never clump.
    • MAC Fiber Rich lash (volume): HG for volume and lengthening but could get messy.
    • Clinique High Impact mascara (volume): Good overall volume mascara.
    Drugstore Mascara:
    • Maybelline Full N' Soft waterproof (base): My HG for drugstore base, hold curl and separates.
    • Maybelline Volum'Express (volume): I think this is one of the mascara that can do it all, holds curl and gives volume. 
    Fool-proof Mascara:
    • Anna Sui Long: Fiber mascara, holds curl. You really cannot go wrong.
    • MAC Prep + Prime lash: Pretty good but can get messy and weight your lashes down if not careful.
    • Shiseido The Makeup Mascara Base: recommended by most for Asian lashes.


    1. A really amazing tutorial, your lashes look extremely long and beautiful

    2. very nice tutorial! and your lashes are long <3

    3. アイさんのアイラッシュが超長いですね! Would love to get lashes as long as that.. but Im sooo lazy :P Your eyes pop even without eye makeup but mascara ^^

    4. ai's lashes are super long! but even me who have short lashes, after following her tips, have been able to make my lashes LOOK so much longer than before! :D

    5. thanks Penelope and Nicol~
      Nic Nic: yes i know!! it takes long time to sculpt lashes... sometimes i am too lazy so i go out without anything on my eyes. =_=;;;
      メイ: 信じてくれてありがとうね T_T!!! -> :p 

    6. wow great tutorial : )

      I love your blog! I'm a new follower. Please check out my blog when you get a chance.


    7. beautiful enticing tutorials...magically transform from bareness *giggle...how did yours grow soo LONG? i think i know what is missing in my stash...i need a HEAT curler :(
      those bot from sasa couldnt last !!
      bahh..yupe ZIGZAG is the wayyy for me too!

      thanks for visiting me little blog! we gals are never ever tired of beautiful shades from eyeshadow ho ho ho

    8. omg!lovely itemssssss



    9. wow this is a tutorial I've never seen before! Awesome blog, I must admit :)

    10. You're eyelashes are amazing!!! :)

    11. you have AMAZING skills! I'm so impressed by the difference! i'm a new follower =)

    12. Thanks Jonesy, Chiara Biasi, Misery, Ahleessa, and Babybubblz~

      stellervixen: I like using heated curlers because you get a natural curl and it also cleans up excess mascara~ you can try the heated curler from panasonic, apparently it is very good :) I know love for beauty ><~ i love your eyeshadow palettes!!!

    13. ai-chan,
      i'll go lookout for panasonic curler!
      my lashes are rather non-existence without false lashes..and clumpyy only with mascara :(
      haven't perfected the mascara WAND handling

      i'm doing Custom-purchase for some beautybloggers hence the mountain of eyeshadow palettes..

      hav u heard of Q-POT jewelry? is soo pretty and delicious looking but hellof expensive T.T
      my next post is about Q-pot for Alice in Wonderland theme!

    14. Heye! I'm your new follower!
      OMG. You've got the longest lashes!!! Longer than those in jap mags!!

    15. Hi,

      Your lashes were super transformed. I am a new follower. very nice looking site too and great tutorials =)

      lots love

    16. wow..amazing!!
      I wish i have long lashes too!!even mascara couldn't help me -.-

    17. Ouuuu your lashess are amazinngg!!!
      really nice tuttoriaal!!<3
      Cindy xox

    18. i really love your lashes!


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