♪ Hair Styling for Thin-hair & Mei's Hair History

I personally have very very fine and very very thin hair... so my hair history is basically a constant battle with my super thin hair and a never ending search for volumizing products. = =
Also my hair falls out easily espacially in spring, fall and winter; it could be Toronto's weather and water; it could be because my scalp is also sensitive just like my skin. But I do notice my hair stop falling when I'm in Japan... when I searched online, I found out that Canada's water is very "hard", which means it contains lots minerals, which can cause hair loss... while Japan's water is very "soft".
Anyhow, basically my hair styling challenge is that I need to add lots volume in my hair but can't use too much products to irritate my scalp (i.e root lifting sprays!); I have found some good product over the years to add volume and is relatively gentle on the hair.

Hair brushes

From left to right:
  • Goody Ouchless comb, to use on wet hair for detangling; if you also have thin hair that tend to fall off, don't ever comb your hair with your fingers when it's wet!
  • Goody blow drying brush 2 1/4", my favourite hair brush to add volume, because it actually doesnt pull my hair at all, unlike the thinner ones.
  • Conair blow drying brush 1 1/4", to add curl while blow drying; like I said the thinner ones pull your hair a little harder; I stopped using it ever since I got a better alternation lol, which is the Ione blow dryer I will introduce later.

Velcro hair rollers

All I use is these 6 lol, in two different sizes of 1 3/4" and 1 1/2" . These don't harm your hair as much as the hot rollers, however they don't really create curls; they basically just add wave and volume. If anyone is interested, I can do a tutorial on them next time :)

Hair styling products

  • Tresemme Tres Two ultra fine hair spray. The BEST hair sprey ever for natural hold! This was introduced by Ai and it has become my holy grail hair sprey too. It's super fine and has a rather ok hold considering how light it is; it makes your hair volumed without looking or feeling like you have hair sprey. Another plus is that it smells great! It has a very fresh and feminine smell~
  • Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray. I use this prior to blow dryer and hot rollers; after a long time you do notice a difference. It's super light and leaves literally no weight; but the smell... I give it a 6, it has one of those typical hair product smell.

Blow dryer and hot roller

  • Conair hot roller in 1 1/2". Nothing much to say except these are your common drug store hot rollers lol = = these are not perticular damaging, probably because I don't use them on my whole head daily and I always use a pretector; but I'v started to realise I need to invest on a good hot roller that is more gentle on my hair.
  • Ione blow dryer; I got this in Japan and it's the BEST! It comes with 2 types of brush head, one for volume and one for adding curls; or you can use it with no brush head as a conventional blow dryer. I usually use the bottom brush head when I blow drying, believe or not, it's actually a lot faster than just blow drying with the conventional type. It has Normal and Hair care mode, so when I use the brushes I always set the power on Hair care, which supposed to reduce frizz while blow drying; I use the blow drying like how you would normally with a round brush: lift the roots, roll the brush and brush outwards to add volume. This awesome blow dryer shrinked my get ready time by at least 10 mins. I think you can find similar product made by Braun or order them online :>

Hair wax

I'm a big fan of hair wax! As anyone with flat thin hair should be! :p Japan doesn't make very good hair sprey :p but they do make the best hair wax! I think these should be easily found in Asian beauty stores; in Toronto that would be Pacific Mall for sure.

From left to right, soft to hard.

  • Lucidol Perm Hair Wax (Loose Styling) as you can see it's a very liquidy texture basically like a thick serum; these are just for smoothing away frizz and flyaway. I have rather oily hair, so when I use them I just rub some on both hands and "smooth" my hair from top to bottom BARELY touching my hair. Otherwise you might end up with greasy looking hair.
  • Mod's Hair wax (Airy Bob) The best hair wax for short~ medium hair in my opinion. It's not thick and easy to spread in hands, and does not leave the hair sticky or bulky; and it smells super nice!
  • Lucidol Designing Pot (Smash Fixer) this wax is pretty good for adding volume and setting style; but I find it sticky... I completely abandoned it after Mod's Hair came out with the Airy Bob this summer lol.
  • Foggia wax: apparently a classic item used by professionals; it is a pretty hard wax with almost no stickiness and is very mat. I find it a very average product in all aspects, volume, holding power, naturalness and smell; however as my hair is growing longer and longer I'm using this one more than the Airy Bob now... because my hair is not bob anymore! This is kind of a wax that does it all but all very average. lol
Although my hair's natural condition is pretty bad... thin and fine with no body whatsoever; I actually always get complimented on my hair not for its good quality but the style lol... = = I seriously feel that if I can do it, anyone can! So here I present to you~~ Mei's hair history :D

About 3 years ago... I had such long hair... for me! because I can never leave my hair alone lol. My hair is not dyed at this time; I like dying my hair but at that time I was trying to keep it healthy. Me and my boyfriend love these stuffed toy catching machines lol, I was complaining cuz that's not the one I wanted! lol

I dyed my hair to medium brown; and got bangs and new hair cut! This styling above is done by the salon for photoshoot for www.rasysa.com ... too many rollers lol! There is no way I have time to do all that on daily basis; I still like my own styling better! I used 2 velcro roller for top and 2 on each side :>

And~~~ I got short hair! Last winter :D

I loved my short bob!! And I dyed my hair to light brown. This styling is also done by the same salon; which I have tried to copy afterwards lol. I love how the bob cut made my hair so volumized and no hair falling off whatsoever when showering! :D Besides the cut is super face slimming!

The only thing with short hair is.... I completely look like a little boy without makeup!! > <

My own styling, not as poofy as what the salon did but much easier; I only use one velcro roller on each side and 2 on top to get this effect.

This is how it looks when the short bob grew longer; no trimming except for the bangs by myself. I actually like it too because it makes my face look smaller :D

I had the A-line bob cut with heavier bangs and dyed my hair lighter this summer; I liked it too but it's kind of annoying to style especialy I don't have so much time in the morning during school days; because I needed to use 2 more velcro rollers than before and hot rollers too.

I dyed my hair dark again this winter~ hoping to let my hair rest from dye jobs for a while; also I'm getting tired of light hair and dark hair seem to suit winter better. It was so weird to see myself having dark hair tho after almost 2 years lol~

My super boring hair right now!! Because I'm trying to grow my hair long again so I don't want to get it trimmed. I'm also trying to grow my bangs as you can tell from all my previous posts; my hair hasn't looked this boring for many years! > <
I'm still in search of products and ways to improve my hair and styling... forever... lol
I'm in no way an expert in hair styling but hopefully girls out there with flat and thin hair like me can get cheered up a little and found this post useful in some way :> ♪


  1. awww you have nice hair! ^^

  2. I have a similar dryer to your Ione, I love that thing! I don't know the name of it, it's pink and a Japanese brand I get at the Korean store. I told the owner he should never get rid of them just for me LOL

    I know what you mean about your hair though! I'm growing my hair out too and I don't have a lot of thickness to my hair so it's just blah and flat and boring. I don't have time to really style it in the morning either so it's just a quick 8 minute flat-iron then out the door. When I can curl it properly, it's a huge difference! You look so cute with any hair length though! I can't do short cuts (I tried...I failed LOL) I'm glad I dyed my hair dark this winter though, I don't have to hurry and dye my hair every time my roots start coming out! LOL

  3. Thank you Missy Hii and Nicol :DD
    Misa: Yes isn't that blow dryer the best? lol. It always the most painful when you try to grow your hair cuz you cant get it trimmed, its becoming so flat and even harder to style!

  4. I love playing with those stuffed toy catching machines. They can be so addicting.

    Every single hair style you've had looks great on you! You can pull of any color and any style, long or short hair. =]

  5. I think you suit every style! You're so lucky! I did the bob and i liked it.. but then missed my hair lol like you, i'm growing out my hair. havent cut in like months!

    I like how you style you hair.. I'm so lazy in using rollers (even tho i bought some a long time ago); I will on using my GHDs haha.

    btw, RYC - I'm not sure where she purchases it from... she never said but you can buy it on the website.. but i think it's waaaay over priced. You have sensitive skin right? I'm not sure if it might be too strong for it.. plz check out the website since its in Japanese ^^

  6. oops i meant I'm only using my GHDs* >_<

  7. How long do you need every morning for hair stlying?
    I totally have no idea how to hair style by myself, plus I'd rather sleep longer lol haha
    But I always admire your hair! Cute!

  8. Oh thanks for sharing!! I have the same condition as you! Thin fine hair with no volume whatsoever! My hair is super long too so it also weighs it down.

  9. Serena: Thank you for sweet comment! I liked your hair in your mascara addiction post!
    NicNic: Thank you! Lets ganbatte together to grow our hair long lol~
    Loretta: your hair looks good the way it is already! Plus you have a lot of hair so you dont need all the rollers lol~
    Nat: I definitely suggest you using velcro rollers to add volume, if you haven't tried :D it's rather gentle for your hair~

  10. you guys are so pretty!! and you have a very cute style!! I am so followin... =)

  11. loved this entry! I have very thin hair as well! I am getting Tresemme hairspray...I absolutely have no idea what to deal with my hair...maybe you could do a hair tutorial?

  12. Hi Mei.. the song is called Minutos by Brunetti feat Luna A Whiddle... Dont know if it's french.. got it off a Jazz lounge CD tho, hope it helps!

  13. mei,
    i need to get the big velcro curler!
    need more volume at the end of my hair and i want them roll in~~curl in hehe

    you look is soo versatile~~ changes and matches with differnt hair styling ..

    hahaha..thanks NicNic!
    wanna ask you about the songtrack from your Video

    i kinda like your look with bangs! fringe!!
    soo innocent and childlike...

  14. hi, may i know wats the full name of the ione blow dryer full model name? i wud like to search and shop on9, thanks!

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