♣ Mini March Haul & Ai's FOTD: Day 8 (Lipstick-A-Day)

Sephora visit and I picked up some stuff at PharmaPlus (there was a sale). Of course like always I buy more than I should...
Here it is.

L: Lace Duo Face Powder in Mademoiselle ($15)
R: Lace Eyeshadow Trio in Fancy Pink ($12)

Ok. I admit I am a fan of cute packaging. I have a tendency to lose to cute packaging; 10 out of 10 times. That should have explained why I made these purchases. The Lace Duo Face Powder includes a blush (top) and a bronzer (bottom). See the packaging!!! So so cute!!! Useless product; the cute lace graphics automatically disappear when you put your brush to it, so that just about ended the product for me. lol. The blush is a strange iridescent pink, where it is ultra hot pink on an angle, but a pale pink at frontal view... I think this is because of the bright pink frost in the blush, regardless not my preference as of now. The bronzer is "meh" ok, but it could have more pigmentation. On to the eyeshadow, Lace Eyeshadow Tri in Fancy Pink. Again the cute graphics disappear when you use it, but the colour are usable, still lacking pigmentation imo. You could tell from the swatches that there are not enough pigmentation in this product. Too costly for a product that is below my standard.

Harmony Trio Bronzer ($16)

Strangely enough I never wear or own any bronzer. First bronzer purchase ever. This could replace both of the Marcelle products above. When used together it is a peachy gold colour that could be used as bronzer or even pass as a blush. When used separately, it becomes 3 eye shadows. Great pigmentation, application is smooth and silky. Overall <3. 

Sally Hansen:
Hard As Nails in Stony Creme ($2)

I have never bought nail polish for $2 before... It could come off as a little granny-ish, but I love the colour. Looks like a brownish purple to me, a bit of vintage feel. In the pictures I applied basecoat, 2 coats of Stony Creme, and topcoat. No chips so far; thats amazing for me because I am reckless with my hands and nails.

FOTD (my face):
(wearing GEO Honey Wing)
- shimmer gold/champagne colour all over upper lid
- apply 1/3 of punch colour in bronze from outer corner; here I used the middle colour of the Sephora Harmony Trio bronzer
- eye line 2/3 of upper lash line from the outer corner
- dust white pearl shadow to bottom inner corner

I used the Sephora Harmony Trio bronzer as a blush. 


New obsession or interest of nude lipstick led me to purchase Sephora Maniac lipstick in Paris. The colour is very nude, if I did not apply any makeup I would look sickly. Coverage is mediocre, not as moisturizing as Rimmel Renew but its staying power is quite good. It makes you feel like you are wearing lipstick though, I personally like that feeling. 

Hair talk: Sorry readers... my bangs are growing out and the length is a little strange so my hair is up all the time, which is sad. Looking on the brighter side: I can wear nice earrings.

Hope you liked it~ Have fun <3


  1. アイさん、これFOTDは、可愛いです! ネールのカーラがすてきーですね!I have a similar nail colour as that too ^^

    Marcelle`s blush looks really cute too!

  2. the marcelle blushes look lovely! i like the pretty design on them.

    thanks for visiting my blog :) i bought my most recent makeup bag from my local Japanese store. do you have any asian beauty stores where you live? i've also seen some nice bags from Sephora! maybe you can check it out there? :D xx

  3. thanks for the comment Nic Nicさん. I will take your advice Anita and check out sephora :D


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