♣ Circle Lens Review: EOS Adult Brown

Happy "above 10°C"~ Weather is so wonderful this week, even with all my workload I try to walk outside. (slacking =_=;;;)

Me and Mei are circle lens addicts... hence the review :D

Brand:  EOS Medical., Ltd
Model: Adult Brown
Origin: South Korea
Water Content: 42%
Diameter/Base Curve: 14.0mm/8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year

Natural Light:

Indoor Light:


excuse my bangs in the pictures...

Comfort: 8/10
The lenses are comfortable, I can wear them for 9+ hours no problem. These EOS lenses were actually thinner than GEO lenses, but personally I still find GEO lenses more comfortable and less drying. I wore these lenses on a ski trip and they performed fine; no need for eye drops and other hassle.

Colour/Design: 8/10
The EOS lenses are not exactly brown, they can be perceived as pale/grey-ish gold or even grey if its a quick glance due to its light colour. Even though the colour is light you can see the transition from my natural eye colour to the lenses are quite natural and flawless (see natural light & indoor light); they only look fake when you use flash to take pictures. The design of these lenses makes your eyes look sparkly and glossy - almost wolf/animal like.

Enlargement: 6/10
The outer rim of most circle lenses are outlined with darker colour or black to create the illusion of larger eyes. The outer rim of the EOS lenses are outlined in lilac/light purple, so enlargement does exist but it is a subtle effect. You can actually see its enlarging effect in the above picture comparisons, but I would prefer dolly-er looking lenses. To show you what I mean... 

Comparison with GEO Nudy Browns (L: EOS Adult Brown, R: GEO Nudy Brown):
Nudys make my eyes look round and dolly~ (but less sexy lol.)

Overall: 7/10
I like these lenses due to its colour and effect, but I find there is one problem. These lenses do not look good without eye makeup, at least imo. Here is the proof:
Compare left (full makeup) to the right (less makeup). I find my eyes do not "pop" when I wear these lenses and they are in need of liner or heavier eye makeup.

(less makeup)                                            (full makeup)

(less makeup)

(full makeup)

Hmm.. What do you guys think? 

I buy my circle lenses from Meigo Shop. They ship worldwide for free; service is wonderful and quick, tracking number always provided (if your impatient like me and check shipping status 247...).

*Side Note:
The pictures above with liner and heavier makeup look so alien to me... This is so much more normal, I don't really recognize the other me lol.
(wearing GEO Nudy Brown)

Thank you Serena for awarding us with the "I <3 Your Blog" Award~ 
Me and Mei are nominating 15 blogs that we newly discovered and love :)

*edit 03/17/2010:  For some reason, White Rabbit Time blog  is not accessible anymore, so we decided to nominate anther great blogger, Michelle of Beauty Journal. I hope your blog gets fixed soon miss p~

Have fun ~ <3


  1. I love how circle lens...makes me look different....unfortunately I forgot to put on a solution to my lens & it got dried out...now I want a new one...it look so pretty on u...

  2. you're soooo cute! i love the lenses on you^^ i like the GEO adult brown.i wish i'm able to wear contacts too^^ oh and thank you mei and ai for nominating my blog.it is such an honor to be one of the nominated blogs.thanks a bunch! xoxoxo

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog :) And big thanks for the blog award! =D Nice blog about the contacts! :) I still need to put mine to use! =P

  4. Thanks very much to you both for the blog award, and for the great circle lens review!! These lenses look really good on you.

  5. Hi, Thanks very much to you both for the awards.I will add you on my blog awards list =)

    I am getting some circle lenses too =)

    Nice reviews =)

    take care

  6. Ai - you have pretty big eyes w/ or w/o contacts!! the contacts adds oomph to the look ^^

    awww my hair isnt as silky as it looks haha.. but I use the shiseido tsubaki white shampoo. it moisturizes the hair very nicely but not as much as Kiehls!! Also I think the tsubaki shampoo makes me shed my hair more -_- I think I've lost more hair since using it! I'll be switching shampoo again lol

    Ohh and thank you for the award, it's the second one from you guys!! I'll put it up in my next post or so! right now I have some scheduled posts up.. I have no time until my days off :/ arigatou!!

  7. Hi ai!
    I think the lens looks good on you with less or full makeup on!
    Love your hair in the pic when you are wearing GEO nudy brown!
    Gosh... you are so fair. I'm so envious! I noticed that you are using a few products from La Roche Posay in your skincare regime. I'm thinking of using them too now that I'm suffering from eczema.

    Thank you ai & mei for the award! <3

  8. wow the lens look really good on you! you have such pretty eyes!! thank you for the award dear! <3

  9. <33 the lenses & your eyes! Such beautiful lashes! Thank you for the award! Love your blog & I'm following you guys ^_^ Please follow mine too! ~_^

  10. Thanks everyone for the comments ><~

    rene: i dont have eczema but you could try it, because its very gentle so it probably will not irriate your skin further :) Thanks i like m hair curly too, sadly i have thin hair so it becomes flat easily. i wear it curly so it looks like there is more hair & volume hahaha...

  11. that colour looks GREAT on you! : )

  12. the lenses look great on you! i'm such a scaredy cat, i've never tried lenses lol but i want big eyes haha.

    thanks for the tag <3

  13. thanks Ai and Mei for the award.. that's so sweet. This is a really helpful review and look forward to seeing more of this.

    I have trouble trying to take photos of my lens or eye makeup - I always end up looking cross-eyed! XDD

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

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