♪ Makeup tips for Asian double lid with no eye crease

Today's tutorial is particularly for Asian girls like me who has double lid that is not so obvious: this means you have double lid but no eye crease! So when the eyes are open the fold sometimes gets lost... This look is basically to make the double lid more obvious, so to speak :3

There are many tutorials about creating deeper set eyes for Asian girls with smokey eye makeup; however it sometimes seem too much and not natural for day time.

Products used

- Covermark concealer stick in Y-1
- Mary Kay mineral foundation in Ivory 1
- Avon mineral blush in Radiance
- Sweets Sweets eye palette by Cezanne in PE6
- Lise Watier waterproof eye pencil in Tres Noir
- Kate wax mascara
- Neo Angle tritone circle lens Brown

E.L.F eyebrow kit in Light

Foggia hair wax

The usual rule for eyeshadow is to apply the darker shade at the outter corner and blend in; but in order to put emphasis on the fold, I'm applying the darker shade ALONG the fold line. It's better to use an earthy tone palette because the eye shadow is to help creating illusion of deeper eye instead of for showing off nice colours...

Steps for eyes:

  • Apply B as overall shade.
  • Apply C along the fold line.
  • Line upper eye line and extend it to match the line created by C.
  • Curl lashes and apply mascara
  • Lightly line bottom eye line.

*Somehow the first close up picture looks almost like my eye is bruised lol, but the "line of shadow"won't show up that obvious once you curl the lashes and apply mascara.

Your "line of shadow" should look something like this:

The finished eye look.

Whole face effect. My double lid seems much more defined and obvious; this gives a deeper set effect even though I don't have eye crease.

P.S. Comparison of before hair wax and after! It takes 10 seconds to do and really makes a difference; so I never skip this step even when I'm in a rush!

Before: super flat!!

After: more volumed and airy~ it also makes my face look much smaller :D

Notice even though I'm looking up, you can still see my fold. Usually they get lost! :D

I hope you enjoyed the look :D And thank you everyone who followed us! It's so hard to believe we have 50 followers! :D Me and Ai are thinking of doing video for the next post; to properly thank everyone that reads our blog and to chat about beauty; i.e. recent favourite products; recent failure purchase etc.. please please give us some suggestions about what topic you would be interested to hear about! :D


  1. Hi Mei^^ nice post! i also have the same eyelid/fold like yours and no crease too.the fold disappears whenever i open my eyes.oh well, i think it's genetic =D it's hard for me relate with other vids because of my lids :( oh! i would love to see you both on vids, i suggest a "how to's" make up tutorial like this one.keep it up! xoxo

  2. HI Mei! This is a great post! because i have double eyelids but my crease is really not very apparent. I'm going to try this look tomorrow.

    can you make a video on how to create a smokey eye look?

  3. i have the same eyelids too, but sometime one of my eyes just won't show the crease at all. thanks for the tips! :)

  4. thanks for the tip, mei! and love the hair wax...very subtle change, but makes a great difference!

  5. nice tutorial mei! i have the same sort of eyes too. sometimes when i put on eyeliner you can't even see it. thanks for the tips!

    i tagged you and Ai for the Sunshine Award and Beautiful Blogger Award by the way :) http://swtexcape.blogspot.com/2010/03/tagged_21.html <33

  6. i 2nd these great idea! my eyes are the same but i'm able to get away with bringing shadows half a cm above my eyelid folds during the day - but the key is blending

  7. my eyes are like yours too. Asians! Haha.
    You look cute! love your lens and the last pic.

  8. pretty! i liked how you emphasized your eyes so naturally! ^^

    Apart Lowry have some lovely pieces! :D

  9. So pretty!^__~<3

  10. Hello ^^!

    Just found your blog via the Soompi beauty blog thread. These are great tips and I often use black eyeshadow to do the same thing although I never really thought much about it... it was just something that I experimented with and though looked nice. Now I'm going to try it with a similar shade of brown as you used and see how it'll turn out. Great blog, really love it. I've subscribed <3


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