♣ Ai's Hair Colour History and 2010 Spring/Summer Hair Colour

Like many others I get bored of my natural hair colour and I have changed my hair colour often. In highschool, I started experimenting with hair colours; both at home and at salons. This is just a little round-up of my hair colour history :D

These pictures were from 3 years ago, when I went back to Shanghai. I decided to embrace my Asian hair for a period of time; at this stage my hair has been growing for many many years and completely dye free. 

Dyed my hair at a salon after coming back from Shanghai... I decided this was simply not light enough and I hate this typical auburn-redish colour all Chinese salons try to give your hair. In my opinion it is so Oba-san. x_x

Gone lighter, got highlights (for the first time in my life) with bangs (here my hair is light brown with bleached highlights). I sort of miss what I look like in the first picture... very punk lol. My hair was super long it reached my belly button :D

Last year summer. I cut all my hair off T_T............ I got tired of my light and LONG hair. So in this picture I had darkened my hair to a chocolate brown and got a bob cut. This brown did not stay well in my hair, it soon faded to a light brown.

I liked this hair colour but it was completely unexpected... I used L'oreal Perfect 10 in Light Ash Brown. I was expecting to the colour to be dark and my hair colour totally did not match the colour shown on the box. Regardless I thought this colour was good for winter since I wear lots of black.

2010 Spring/Summer Hair Colour:
Since my roots were about an inch long and my bf have been asking me to darken my hair for more than 6 months lol...  

I used L'oreal Excellence Pro-Keratine in Medium Ash Brown (F1). I never knew before I bought this hair dye but hair is mostly made of Keratine, and your hair loses Keratine over time. This hair dye is suppose to "fortify and revitalize" your hair so it is soft and silky.
(Before)                                                      (After)
As you can see my hair is shinier after the dye job :3 My hair looks more ash-tone than the box (I love ash~), but in sun light it looks more brown. 

I am going to leave you with "how to style with curlers" by Rasysa. I followed the tutorial, but only tried with the bottom of my hair. I introduced Rasysa to Mei and since then we always use the site to find hair inspirations.

*Side Note: 
Me and Mei are uber busy for the next 2 weeks due to project deadline and finals, so updates might come slower >< sorry readers. Mei is having a fever at the moment; please get well soon. >''''<


  1. Hello Ai^^ wow, you had such loooooong hair! I've been wanting to grow mine longer too, but it's just so slow T_T anyway, i love the L'oreal Perfect 10 color on your hair.it makes your fair skin glow more =)oh, btw, send my regards to Mei.hope she gets well soon.xoxo

  2. I've always had troubles with DIY hair dye at home because my hair colour always turns out a darker or different hair colour but your experience seems pretty cool because the colour comes out so light :)

  3. You are too cute!! Your hair looks good any length/color you do. Lucky!

    P.S. Are you both Japanese?

  4. oh great great post! im also thinking of dying my hair. ive never tried it since mine are already pretty much damaged due to chemical straightening. I hope the salon i go can do something about it because im loving the ash brown color <3

  5. I love your hair color! I think I might check out the color next time! DId you dye your hair yourself or you brought the color to a hair salon?

    Best of luck on your projects and finals! And hope Mei recovers soon!

  6. love the post of many diff colors and hair styles you've done over the years! :) I need to start doing that! ;)

  7. love ur new hair colour!!!

  8. i think your first and last hair style looks gorgeous!

  9. you look so different with long locks!
    I'm liking your current hairstyle best! color too!

  10. thank you everyone for the comments~

    ququ: i think it's because i had my hair bleached at the salon before so it is easier for the take home hair colours to "sink" into my hair... if i had my natural black hair i am sure the colours wouldn't turn out as light ><

    Robolegojupiter: hi~ no we are not japanese :D

    Saving Capulet: i know i love ash tone but it is to hard for brown hair to get an ash colour. you would usually have to bleach your hair and then dye it to get a true ash tone :(

    thebeautyjournal: i posted my reply on your blog :3

  11. aw such a cute blog ^^. I love your hair color. I always wanted to dye my hair a bit lighter but afraid that it might damaged my hair so much T_T. Do you know any specific brand that can help this problem?^^

  12. aw thank you so much for answering my question,henna hair dye from lush <--I need to remember that.Do you know where they sell this? ^^. You have such an amazing blog lolz. I've already enter as a follower XP

  13. I love that ash brown colour of yours and the bob. You have pretty close to what my dream hair is haha.

    Can I ask how you style your bangs? They look so perfect.

  14. wow Ai, your hair was SOOOO long, I think you look gorgeous in your natural black hair.. though you also suit brown tones too! It's very pretty how you stylized your bob. I got bored of mine pretty quickly and it grew out fast lol. Cant wait for it to be long again haha

    good luck with your projects and I hope Mei gets better soon!

  15. charlotte: hey~ i replied you on your blog :D

    cincin: i couldn't leave a message on your blog ><... i love the layout of your blog cincin!!! To be honest i am horribly lazy with my hair, esp styling it i always look for the fastest method... after my hair is dry, i roll my bangs on to a large velcro roller and leave it for about 5 - 10 min. i usually separate my bangs into 2 sections tho. i think this sounds a little confusing lol... i will do a tutorial on how to style bangs if anyone wants.

    nicnic: lol... yes i know. i get bored of things too fast. i am also growing out my hair.

  16. Hello there, thank you so much I'll definitely try that. ^^. By the way, you should definitely do a bang styling. DO you have a youtube account?I would definitely sub ^^


  17. your hair has always looked so healthy and wonderful ~ you very pretty!

  18. ai-chan totemo kirei~~ honto-desu!

    luv all your hairstyle change!you got a very versatile face...

    i hav the most boring hair ever! its long straight and dark at this moment!
    the gents said i cant pull off fringe T.T boo**
    only side swept is my best bet!


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